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Justanotheruser01 Sat 07-Jul-18 08:46:43

Could I ask for some advise on Budapest?

Wondering what the best things to do would be?

Also looking online it seems quite easy to travel to the city centre, we have a very early flight home any experience of getting to the airport early?

And ive heard its cheap when there, any truth in this?


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Ricekrispie22 Sat 07-Jul-18 10:15:33

Yes it's cheap. Standard price of a pizza in a restaurant is about £5. A 3km taxi rides is about £4, 24 hour metro pass is £5, a street-food style lunch is just a few pounds and a decent glass of wine is just over a pound. Attraction prices are more what you'd expect over here, but still good.

Head up to Fisherman's Bastion on the Buda side of the river for absolutely amazing views. Right across the Chain Bridge from Pest you’ll find a funicular that ascends to Buda Castle. If you’re feeling fit (or don’t fancy paying) you can climb the stairs that wind their way up the steep hill.

Spend a few minutes at St Peter's Basilica. Entry is by donation of HUF 200 (around 50p), but the donation is made compulsory by the stern guy at the door gruffly muttering ‘donation’ in a thick Hungarian accent at everyone who enters. The interior is practically dripping with gold details, intricate decorations and spectacular paintings – be sure to look up to see the jaw dropping kaleidoscopic domes.

One of our favourite things in Budapest had to be Miniversum. Its a gigantic, beautifully detailed and decorated series of miniature models covering the sights and famous landmarks from Budapest, Hungary, Austria and Germany. there was so much to see. It was almost a visual overload. Interactive buttons along the way allowed the kids to control traffic, move trains, animate characters, or make sounds.

For food, head straight to the city’s Jewish quarter and find Gozsdu Udvar (or Gozsdu Courtyard). Here you’ll find old passageways packed with hipster bars, restaurants and pubs, each with amazing menus.
We visited Spiler (said to be worth the flight to Budapest alone – and while I wouldn’t necessarily agree with that statement, the food was pretty flipping good) for a beer and burger and kicked ourselves for not discovering the area sooner. Learn from our mistakes. Go there first.

New York Cafe is tucked inside the Boscolo Hotel, has been called the most beautiful cafe in the world, and I struggle to disagree. It’s like the inside of a palace, or a really fancy theatre, and it’s full of tourists gaping at the beauty. Although it’s definitely worth a visit for its looks alone, the food and service aren’t great – especially for the higher-than-average prices. Grab a coffee here and enjoy the four levels of opulence, but go elsewhere for breakfast.

5foot5 Sat 07-Jul-18 18:47:33

Ricekrispie has pretty much nailed it but the thing I would add is that if you like markets then the indoor Great Market Hall is well worth a visit. An interesting building and masses of stalls.

Also we really enjoyed this restaurant Százéves étterem which claims to be the oldest in Budapest and which was highly entertaining as well as serving a good meal

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