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Car seat on board a plane... has anyone done it?

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TroubledLichen Thu 28-Jun-18 15:41:14

Flying longhaul next month with DD 13 months, she has her own seat booked and we are considering taking her car seat on board as thinking she might be more likely to sit nicely in that (probably wishful thinking but we can but hope). Has anyone done it? Is it worth lugging it through the airport? The seat is FAA approved but it’s just under an inch wider than the airline seat. Will we be allowed to put the arm rest up so that it fits? The airline’s website isn’t clear, google suggests it will be allowed but most results are 5+ years old. It’s AA main cabin extra and the seat is a Britax Marathon in case that matters. TIA!

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jessicalake Sat 30-Jun-18 18:24:31

We took our little girl at 11 months to Australia with her car seat.
Worst decision ever!
It was such a faff carrying it all through the airport, then trying to get it through the security scanner took over twenty minutes!
We had to have the arm rest down for take off and landing so had to store the car seat with the cabin crew (flew Emirates so maybe different for you?) even thought it would have fitted in the Premium Economy seats.
DD didn't want to sit in it anyway, we had it in the middle (windowseat she would have whacked the wall with her toys and aisle she probably would have tried to touch everybody going past!) so my husband and I couldn't see each other and our tray tables were pressing against the car seat and left marks on the side!

In the end we stuck with it for our two flights to get there but left it in Australia. I couldn't cope doing the same coming home!

IMO I wouldn't do it, it was too much for what it was worth. Our cab driver had a car seat anyway ready for her and we walked most places anyway.

Are you renting a car? They have car seat rentals normally too?
What we've done previously in USA is buy one out there. To me it's worth all the money in the world to not have to travel with it!!!
Or you could always check it in with your luggage? I've never done it but seen it done before smile

Or if you're not planning on driving when you're there just forget the seat completely! smile

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