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Driving holiday to Oslo- Best Route & Hotels

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Verbena37 Mon 25-Jun-18 14:01:47

Thinking next year of driving to Norway.
I don’t fly so that’s the question (nope, won’t do hypnotherapy/virgin courses etc).
We like driving and kids love car journeys (will be 17 & 14) so that’s not an issue.

My dilemma is which route would you take?
There was a previous thread from a while ago but some ferry routes have changed.

I’m not keen on really long ferry crossings and DH gets very sea sick so thinking maybe Harwich to Hoek of Holland and probably over Øresund Bridge but where to stop in between? (Crossings by ferry to Oslo or Malmö are long and over 4 hours from Denmark)

Has anybody done it before, driving through Netherlands, Germany, Denmark &Sweden? DH is keen to stop in some nice hotels on the way to break up journey. We used to live in the Lünerburger Heidi but thinking Kiel might be a good place to stop? Have been to Copenhagen before so don’t necessarily need to stop there.

My brain has gone a bit frazzled thinking about the journey before I think about where to stay in Oslo!

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