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Vancouver Seafood

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Bea Mon 25-Jun-18 09:16:19

We're going to be in Vancouver on my birthday!!! (Summer) Can anyone recommend a place for a family of five in Vancouver... somewhere with a view... mid range price... seafood... i don't mind paying a little extra for good food!!! (and we're in Vancouver!!!) nice relaxed atmosphere!


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LGFuad Mon 25-Jun-18 09:25:06

We really liked The Sandbar under the Granville Island bridge - the food & service was good and it has a nice outdoor seating area with good views

WickedGoodDoge Wed 27-Jun-18 16:08:02

I haven’t been yet (also going this summer), but we’ve had Cardero’s at Coal Harbour recommended to us.

Bea Thu 28-Jun-18 20:51:04

Oh thank you both!... I'd looked at The Sandbar and it looks promising!... Will look into Cadero's too!!

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LGFuad Sun 01-Jul-18 18:29:36

Oh, and if you are up early, definitely go to Jam Cafe for breakfast - but be there as soon as it opens as it gets a queue really quickly! Was our favourite place we ate in Vancouver - sorry, I know that wasn't what you were asking for but had to recommend!

Bea Fri 06-Jul-18 13:29:31

Greatful for any advice re:Vancouver!! Thank You! x

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Fluffythefish Fri 06-Jul-18 14:52:09

Just went to Carderos for my birthday meal last week! You can't book from 5-8;30 and they said there could be a long wait. So we took books, ordered drinks and after two sips our table was ready. Lovely fairly reasonably priced food and a really cute way of telling you that your table is ready (won't spoil it!)

ggirl Fri 06-Jul-18 15:04:10

coast my brother works there grin

Bea Sat 14-Jul-18 19:01:13

oooo! Coast looks lovely but looks very fancy.... sigh if it was just me and dh! Deffo .... but with three kids in tow????? shock

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LouiseCanada Sun 15-Jul-18 22:21:04

Hi! I live in the vancouver area smile we have four kids (ages 5yrs thru 9mths). I would definitely recommend anywhere on Granville Island...Sandbar, Granville Island Hotel, Bridges. The island has a super playground, kids shopping market and spray park too so you can entertain the kids before or after. Vancouver restaurants are all fairly kid friendly (ie: no ones going to turn you away) and the seafood is amazing even at cheaper places.

I don't suppose you're anywhere around Winchester/London area? We are coming in August for 10 days to visit my husband's grandfather and are trying to find a way to exchange some toys for our vacation...we'd be happy to lend out some things to you! Just thought I'd check smile let me know if you have any other questions...four kids in and we are expert at the vancouver-with-kids scene, lol.

Bea Sun 22-Jul-18 08:19:35

Louise Canada... Aww! Sorry I've only just seen your message! Sorry! We're nowhere near Winchester!... I'd loved to have helped you out!... Even though my 3 are in their teens!....
Thanks for the advice... I'm having a little bit of a panic at the moment as I'm not a huge traveller and I need to remind myself we're not going to the moon!... Also our vancouver Island Airbnb just cancelled us the other day... Furious does not even begin to cover it... (please no Airbnb disaster stories please! That will put me more into a spin!!)... We've found somewhere else.. But you know what it's like when you think you've got it all set and well planned!..
Good look with your Winchester trip!... Thanks for advice!... Might well be in touch! Its nice to have local knowledge!! smile

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