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Teenagers in school holidays

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catsandsprogs Fri 15-Jun-18 17:01:52

Can I ask what you all do with your teens during the holidays? I have a 14 year old and there seem to be plenty of holiday clubs/ courses for younger children but can't really find anything at all suitable for this age group, even if it was just for a week or so.

Any ideas appreciated smile

Homemadehopeful Tue 10-Jul-18 19:35:10

The only thing my two are doing is sports camps. DD has 2 day hockey camp with a top international hockey player and luckily our local county cricket club have a cricket camp in the same dates so DS is doing that.

This is the first summer they will be left to their own devices part of the time but I wish there was more as I know they will get bored. I would love to find a coding course or similar but the only ones I can find are ££££ and not close enough to me and I don't have the £1k + for a residential course!!!

SueDunome Tue 10-Jul-18 19:38:53

Mine hang out with their friends, or find a job, or both.
Around here, they can find work as fruit pickers, car park attendants at local events, chambermaid type jobs, etc.

Hersetta427 Sun 15-Jul-18 22:37:31

DD is only 10 (late summer born yr 6) but she is going to a 5 day residential basketball camp.

She plays for a one of the top girls programmes in the country and is a national championship at under 11 age group. She will be one of the youngest there but she is definitely looking forward to it - we are definitely more worried than she is. Considering they provide everything and all meals it wasn't that expensive.

catsandsprogs Thu 19-Jul-18 18:55:34

Thankyou smile apologies for the late response, I gave up after no initial replies!

BackforGood Fri 20-Jul-18 23:54:57

At 14, mine would generally be away for a week with Scouts / Explorers and a week or 2 weeks with us. Then a few days would be taken up with all the general 'maintenance' (dentist, optician, hair cuts, buying new school shoes, etc) wink. Then much lying in, moping around, and arguing about tidying their rooms.

DailyMailDontStealMyThread Fri 20-Jul-18 23:58:16

Very little in my opinion but it ncludes sleeping in, stretching out watching trash on TV and their phones.

I’m lucky that I can adjust my work hours to start early so they are only just up and hunting for food when I get home.

catsandsprogs Mon 23-Jul-18 15:58:15

Thanks for the replies. I've found a week long drama/ theatre course which she's looking forward to, then we're going away for a week so that breaks things up abit!

dunraven Wed 08-Aug-18 18:44:52

We've just returned from our holiday to Italy so not yet bored!

DS(14) has been going out on his bike with a mate quite a bit. He's been to the cinema to watch Antman with a few friends plus a cinema date with another friend who happens to be a girl. (Had to restrain myself from teasing him!) He's off on an aircadet training weekend - really quite busy and all of it, self arranged which is quite impressive.

DD(11) has had a friend over for the day and I'm taking her and the same friend to the cinema tomorrow.

Next week, we're visiting the GP's for a few days - the summer is flying by for us. Still have some school uniform shopping to do - mainly footwear!

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