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Advice on Canary Islands holiday

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Jrking Fri 15-Jun-18 13:37:34

Hi all

Me and my husband are expecting our first child in October this year and so we want to go on a holiday the three of us in February so he’ll be 4 months.

Planning on going to the Canary Islands because it’s warm but not too hot and safer than Egypt and Morocco.

My husband really wants to do an all inclusive but I only want to if I can find one that isn’t really massive and noisy. We don’t need a massive place with loads of facilities because baba won’t be active yet. Most important thing is good food and drinks, good beach, not too massive and chaotic and being able to walk to a little town if we want to leave the complex.

Thinking Fuerteventura or La Palma but would love your thoughts!

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