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Fontainebleau or Versailles

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Eve Wed 13-Jun-18 10:00:06

traveling back from South of France in a few weeks and taking a route that means we could visit either.

Will have DH and 2 teen DSs, which would you recommend ? will only have 1/2 day to visit so looking for the most impressive/interesting with good art collection, and something we can do a whistle stop tour of.

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moonlight1705 Wed 13-Jun-18 10:18:36

When we went to Versailles a couple of years ago, despite having a quick access ticket, we had to queue for nearly two hours to get in. We got there at 8am and then waited to be let in and did the 'museum shuffle' around with all the other tourists. The gardens cost extra although very beautiful.

I haven't been to Fontainebleau since I was a child but really liked it.

SittingAround1 Wed 13-Jun-18 10:18:51

Versailles is always very busy with long queues and not enough toilets.
Fontainebleau might be easier.

Both have fantastic gardens. Versailles is the more famous though.

TheVanguardSix Wed 13-Jun-18 10:24:28


Not only is the palace beautiful but the town itself is an absolute jewel.
You can take a carriage ride through the hunting grounds and there are forest walks as well, if you fancy it. The palace is gorgeous inside. Gardens are amazing.
I have always loved Fontainebleau... the town is like Paris without any stress and with all of the charm and atmosphere. It is a truly wonderful gem and shouldn't be missed! Your teens will love it!

TheVanguardSix Wed 13-Jun-18 10:27:05

We go nearly every summer- we stay in a farmhouse in achères-la-forêt and always make a couple of day trips to Fontainebleau, OP. So if you have any questions, ask away. I know it pretty well.
We go in August and have never experienced crowds or queues. Of course there are tourists. It's not dead. But it's a very peaceful place and a wonderful day out.

Eve Wed 13-Jun-18 11:54:35

thanks all sounds like Fontainebleau will be the much better option.

Might be nice to stay there overnight and make the most of the town as is not too long a journey to Calais the next day.

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TheVanguardSix Wed 13-Jun-18 16:49:30

Absolutely, Eve! It’s worth a stay! Enjoy! smile
It’s such a wonderful place.

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