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Fast track security Manchester airport

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Cheto Tue 12-Jun-18 09:09:20

Worth it ? Quoted £20 for 4 people

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notacooldad Tue 12-Jun-18 18:55:02

I guess it depends on what time you are going.
Last few times I've been to Manchester in the last couple of months have been mid week in the middle of the afternoon and I got through really quick. On one trip me and a guy went through security gates at the same time and he was fast tracked. He got through a couple of seconds quicker than me because I had to walk around the barriers!

Sickofpeople Tue 12-Jun-18 18:58:18

I agree it depends on the time.
We have been at various times and walked straight through but at other times I would have paid the world for fast track while stuck in horrendous queues.

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