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Can I book an outward bound with one airline and return with another?

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golondrina Sun 10-Jun-18 21:39:13

I should have put this in my datchet thread. Can I fly into Stansted (from Spain) with Ryanair and out of Gatwick with BA a few days later? Just have 2 singles with different airlines?

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WatchoutDSisdriving Sun 10-Jun-18 21:40:53

Yes, no reason why not.

EveryDayIsLikeMonday Sun 10-Jun-18 21:59:37

Yes, I've done it a couple if times for cheaper fares.
Just remember that baggage allowances and online check in times may differ.

BarbaraofSevillle Mon 11-Jun-18 11:25:03

Yes, most flights are singles these days (BA may be an exception, but certainly all flights sold by Ryanair etc are singles).

A couple of years ago, I flew from Leeds to Malaga and then returned a few days later from Gibraltar to Manchester on a different airline with no issues whatsoever as it was the cheapest, or best flight times probably.

Singlenotsingle Mon 11-Jun-18 11:25:58

Yes of course

daisiesinherfootsteps Mon 11-Jun-18 11:29:05

Of course you can! I've done it loads
to get most convenient times and best prices. Only possible negative could be if it's a short trip and outbound flight is covered you wouldn't get the return refunded.

ZenNudist Mon 11-Jun-18 15:04:14

Skyscanner is good for this.

Glitteryfrog Mon 11-Jun-18 17:06:16

Yes, I've done this for work trips.
I've also flown one way and caught the Eurostar home.

catinasplashofsunshine Mon 11-Jun-18 17:07:26

Yes, we did that s few weeks ago.

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