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Taking a bike on a train - complicated?

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KatyMac Wed 06-Jun-18 13:20:48

We are going long distance

The train only has 2 bike spaces and they can't be reserved

We need to book our tickets in advance - only 2 trains a day

I'm stuck - what do I do?

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NotAnotherJaffaCake Wed 06-Jun-18 13:23:05

Which train operating company?

KatyMac Wed 06-Jun-18 13:26:16

East Midlands Norwich to Liverpool

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KatyMac Wed 06-Jun-18 13:28:02

Looking at their policy rather than the National Train site you can reserve - panic over

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NotAnotherJaffaCake Wed 06-Jun-18 13:29:39

Yes, you need to reserve spaces on this route and they can be reserved, see here:

Not always a good idea to rely on station staff for cycle related matters as they can be quite clueless.

KatyMac Wed 06-Jun-18 13:36:27

I'm starting to understand that!

I'll go out & book it later I think

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