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Sani Resort

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Ihearafanfare Mon 21-May-18 18:23:43

Hello, who’s been to this resort in Greece? I’m trying to work out if Porto Sani (with its bigger more separate suite) or Sani Beach with its more central location but much smaller room will be most appropriate for me, my husband and 4 year son.

Any thoughts?

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Helipad Mon 21-May-18 18:58:01

We've been to Sani three times, in 2012, 2013 and 2014 and each time had a wonderful holiday.

We've stayed once in Porto Sani and twice in Sani Beach. Whilst I did like Porto Sani and the one bed suite was very spacious we very much preferred Sani Beach. Our Porto Sani suite was on the ground floor and had a patio with two sun loungers and chairs but it wasn't really a place where to have a drink in the evening. On Sani Beach whilst the room is smallish (but still luxurious) it'll have a lovely balcony.

When we stayed in Sani Beach, we once had the standard family room with sofa bed and once we had the panorama suite and that was amazing. Book that if at all possible.

Both Sani Beach and Porto Sani are central, Sani beach has a direct access to two beaches, whereas Porto Sani you need to walk at the other end of the marina to access a private stretch of a beach. We didn't mind though and the beach was gloriously empty throughout our stay.

Both hotels are "central" and within 1-2 minute walk from the marina. Sani Club is the only one which is built up on the hill side and is about 20 walk from the marina (unless you can catch one of golf buggies).

Hope this helps!

Ihearafanfare Mon 21-May-18 20:01:04

That’s brilliant, thanks Helipad! From your description it sounds like Porto and Beach aren’t too far from each other - how long to walk do you reckon?

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Helipad Mon 21-May-18 22:12:41

They are only about 2-3 minute leisurely stroll apart, there's tennis courts and the evening entertainment platform in between.

The first time we went to Sani, we stayed at the Porto but very often walked to the Sani Beach for the evening buffet as the Porto is ala-carte only. Kids were 1 and 4 at the time so buffet was just so much practical at the dinner time.

What was nice in Porto, that it has an activity table with a nanny at dinner time (at least use to have) so when the kids have finished the dinner, they can go and see the nanny and do drawing, lego etc whilst parents finish off their dinner. Mind you, that was 2012 so they might now have ipad stations for kids for all I know! Lol.

Ihearafanfare Tue 22-May-18 06:46:51

Sorry helipad one more question!

I think we might book Porto Sani as we want the option of being able to put him to sleep and then read for a bit which will be hard in a shared room. If we do, are we able to use the Sani Beach pool and beaches if we wanted to?

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Helipad Tue 22-May-18 13:51:38

No probs, I love talking about Sani grin

Yes you can use the facilities at the Sani Beach too. There's no wrist bands or anything like that, you were free to wonder in and out of the different hotels and their facilities.

Expect the Asteria Suites, the one that costs about 20k during the school holidays shock

Couple of more tips (if you don't mind) make sure to pack a set of white clothes for all of you. Sani does a "white night" once a week on the beach and it's a really nice evening. It's family friendly and of course you can come in any clothes you'd like but they have neon lights on and it looks great when everyone has white clothes on.

Also, there's a little free cruise going out daily (?) it's only an hour on board and does a little loop past the marina but has champagne served and yeah, it's free so why not grin. When I say daily, you are not allowed to do it daily but you can go do it once in your holiday. If you'd like to do the cruise, see the guest relations and they will book you in. Go on your first day as the cruise gets booked up really fast. This of course may have changed but thought to mention it as it's worth a check.

Ihearafanfare Tue 22-May-18 14:15:54

Brilliant thanks!

If you like talking about it I have more questions!

I'm a little concerned about the price of the restaurants and we won't want a big lunch - is there an option to buy picnic food for the beach anywhere - I know there's a mini-mart, is this hideously expensive? Any other supermarkets?

Finally (i think) my little one will want to eat about 5:30 whereas we'll eat later (and he'll come again and nibble). Is there a way to do this or will we all need to eat together in the restaurants?

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Helipad Sat 26-May-18 22:03:08

Hi Fanfare, sorry about the delay!!

Right, when we were there, there was one sandwich place/cafe type of thing in the marina. I can't remember for sure but I think the mini-mart did have some pic nic type of food items available. And if my memory serves me well, I don't remember it being outrageously expensive either.

The hotel is very helpful so it's worth of asking if they provide picnic lunches.

The buffet restaurant in Sani Beach opens at 7pm for dinner. I think. And the a la carte in the Porto Sani was 6:30pm. The reason i remember these is that we had the same problem with the kids at the time. We all ended up eating together though, being the first ones waiting by the door when the restaurant opens up for dinner grin

DreamingofSunshine Sat 26-May-18 22:14:52

This thread is really helpful, would you be able to ask MNHQ to move it to the Travel section so it doesn't disappear please?
I'm interested in going to Sani next year and this info is really useful.

JsOtherHalf Sat 26-May-18 23:24:54

The market in the marina was revamped last year. You can buy various foodstuffs there, including ham, cheese, crisps, sweets, fruit juices, and wine.
I brought wheat wraps from home, and based lunch around them. I refused to spend 12 euros per person for a small pizza for lunch.
The shop in Sani Beach hotel itself sells milk, sweets, tampons, etc.

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