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First time abroad for years - tips?

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LoveBeingAMum555 Wed 09-May-18 22:12:35

Hi we haven't been abroad for about 12 years due to DS1s health. This year we have the opportunity to go away so have booked a city break in Budapest.

Now I am starting to feel slightly nervous, it is so long since we have flown, let alone find our way around a foreign city! Any top tips before we go?

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Monday2018 Wed 09-May-18 22:37:37


Have you got your European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), if not I would recommend you apply for one for you and each person travelling. This will provide you with access to healthcare at a reduced rate or sometimes free of charge.

To familiarise yourself with the area you'll be staying in, I would recommend that you go to type in the name of the hotel, street and take a walk around the area on-line. This will help you get your bearings when actually there.

Hope you have a lovely time!

HungryDuck8 Thu 10-May-18 02:52:02

Buy travel insurance

Minniemountain Thu 10-May-18 05:55:53

Sort out your hand luggage before you get in the security queue. Some airports have areas with free plastic bags for liquids but some you have to pay.
If you're flying over a meal time, bring yours/buy at the airport.

reluctantbrit Thu 10-May-18 13:26:43

Buy a good travel insurance and disclose DS1's health if necessary. Get an EHIC card as well but that only covers health abroad, no transport back or cancellation/theft which a private travel insurance will do.

Budapest is a lovely city, a long while since I went but I remember lots of walking so take comfortable shoes. A nice guidebook or good internet research to see what you want to do.

I try to get a map, not necessarily only for walking around with it but to see what's where and make plans before I go. Check your phone allowance for data usage and also see if your hotel offers free wifi.

Remember no liquid more than 100ml per item (bottle can't be bigger even if half empty) and not more than 1l per bag. So check carefully if you rely on toileteries for example if you just take hand luggage. Medicine is normally excempt but try to keep it in its original packaging and if you need anything totally unusual a copy of the prescription is worth taking with you.

ClaudiaWankleman Thu 10-May-18 13:30:21

I would buy a portable phone charger so you can use maps on your phone without worrying about it dying. Also remember the apple maps ‘transport’ function which is useful for bus routes/ trains and the location of stations and exits - it can cut down on the minor stress of ending up on the wrong side of a roundabout by exiting at the wrong place etc.

Secondly - just enjoy! You can do as little or as much as you like or is possible and it will still have been a great holiday. You can always go back, you can always take a morning or afternoon or evening in the hotel. Don’t feel pressured to #makememories at every moment. It’s a holiday not a bootcamp!

Brokit Thu 10-May-18 18:13:21

Before you go bookmark lots of places of interest on Google maps, then download a copy of the area so you can use it offline. You can use it like a walking sat back. It's brilliant, you need never get lost in a strange city again.

Brokit Thu 10-May-18 18:13:37

Sat nav.....

LoveBeingAMum555 Thu 10-May-18 22:42:43

Great suggestions, thank you. The bootcamp comment made me smile because I do need reminding that this is a holiday and supposed to be restful!

We do need to get EHIC cards and insurance and I will look at those map suggestions.

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Presentinp0st Fri 11-May-18 09:38:04

You will need to buy a plug adapter to plug in anything electric (some plugs have 2 pins). Change your money when you arrive in the country you will get a better exchange rate. If you withdraw cash from ATM some charge, cards like Halifax don't charge.

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