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Ventura 15 month old

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user1492964816 Sun 29-Apr-18 19:05:09

Hi all

Just wondered if anyone had been on the Ventura with their little one? We go in 2 weeks and I just wanted some advice about what people did in the evenings with their little ones.

My little boy is a good sleeper but in the evenings I’ve only ever tried him in his cot and pretty much never been up later than 7.30- however the couple of times he was we just did his normal bed time routine later and he slept fine.

I was thinking of taking him down in his pushchair a few nights in his pyjamas and hope he sleeps in it, few nights stay with him in the cabin and a few nights use the night nursery- has anyone used this? I’m just a bit unsure about it with people coming in and out, whether he’ll sleep, or whether I’ll be able to transfer him from pushchair to cot etc. Any ideas, experiences, advice welcome smile thank you

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stickerrocks Mon 30-Apr-18 21:41:53

Take a look at the P&O for Families group on Facebook. There is stacks of practical advice there.

P&O do a children's tea in the buffet, but (as long as you are prepared to whisk him out if he squawks) lots of parents take toddlers to dinner in the evenings. My DD is m7ch, m7ch older, so I haven't used the night nursery, but the Reef staff are all great.

user1492964816 Tue 01-May-18 11:27:31

Thank you smile

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