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France/Monaco in June - France on red alert for Zika virus

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Cluelessss Sun 29-Apr-18 07:06:31

I have awoken to the news that France is on red alert to tiger mosquitos? Is anyone else still going to France/Monaco

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BikeRunSki Sun 29-Apr-18 07:12:08

I’m going to Nice in 4 weeks! I can’t find this news reported. Does it matter if no one in my party is planning to get pregnant?

tortelliniforever Sun 29-Apr-18 07:18:46

Tiger mosquitoes or zika? It's not the same thing.

SnowedOut Sun 29-Apr-18 07:21:19

I had heard this but not from the news from family who live in the south of France. It’s been a damp winter so therefore more tiger mos, however not zika, dengue.

Actually I’ve just found the article

Cluelessss Sun 29-Apr-18 07:24:30

Sorry I literally read the sky news app this morning, and they said the tiger mosquitos can carry zika..

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tortelliniforever Sun 29-Apr-18 07:25:08

We have tiger mosquitoes where I live. They are a pain but only become dangerous if they are infected by viruses (usually brought back by people travelling from infected regions).

tortelliniforever Sun 29-Apr-18 07:26:23

Sorry I literally read the sky news app this morning, and they said the tiger mosquitos can carry zika..
Exactly. CAN not DO.

Cluelessss Sun 29-Apr-18 07:30:41

Yes, you are correct! Sorry I’m a worry guts. I had a missacarriage before Christmas and this will be hopefully my first but second baby and I just can’t stop worrying

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SnowedOut Sun 29-Apr-18 07:31:44

If you go on to the WHO website this gives you an accurate indication of where Zika is, as tortellini said its people who come back from infected countries that spread it. Tiger mos have always existed in South of France, they CAN spread Zika, they can also spread tons of other diseases as well.
Until WHO issues a warning re Zika for a country I wouldn’t get into a panic, tropical mos spray, plug ins for rooms etc.

Cluelessss Sun 29-Apr-18 07:35:07

Thank you SnowedOut, I shall be sure to have a look!

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CockOffPostmanPat Sun 29-Apr-18 08:34:22

I'm watching this story closely. We're going to S of France in July and ttc at the moment.

user100987 Sun 29-Apr-18 08:46:46

I'm going in July so watching closely

Selma1982 Sun 29-Jul-18 09:51:54

What have you experienced regarding mosquioes?

user100987 Fri 03-Aug-18 21:01:45

Hi Selma, just back from France and can honestly say no issue whatsoever. Got bitten a couple of times when in the south of France and we were by a river, not just standard bites nothing to write home about!

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