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September holiday without breaking the bank

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user1466022287 Sat 28-Apr-18 13:29:59

Can anyone suggest ideas for a week long holiday for DH, me and our 2 year old that won't break the bank for early September as soon as school holidays over?

We had an expensive long haul trip to visit family overseas at Easter so looking for something reasonably priced either in UK ( but would need to have toddler friendly activities for bad weather) or in Europe. We are not really into beach holidays. I'd thought about something like an Austrian farmstay or a villa/apartment somewhere warm but near some culture but struggling to find anything under £800/£1k all-in (all travel and budget for meals)


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Nomad86 Sun 29-Apr-18 18:46:23

Portugal is really cheap for accommodation. We're getting a 3 bed Airbnb for about £80 per night in Lisbon. I'd avoid Austria, Switzerland and Scandinavia if you're on a budget.

Have a look on for Italian farmstays. They often have a pool and playground attached. We stayed in a lovely one in Sicily and car hire was really cheap.

We also had quite a cheap week in Montenegro and it was beautiful there.

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