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Has DS signed his new passport incorrectly? Argh!

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WhipItGood Thu 26-Apr-18 20:09:53

New passport for ds arrived. He has signed his name next to his photo, so halfway up the page, and not on the line. Will this be ok??

I went over and over to be careful, use a black pen etc..It was obvious to everyone else, but him it seems, where to sign the blimmin thing 🙄

After all the agony of filling in all the forms and paying...😬

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MadeinBelfast Thu 26-Apr-18 20:46:40

Is it a UK passport? When mine came back it had my signature printed on it, there wasn't anywhere to sign. Has the design changed?

HeadfirstForHalos Thu 26-Apr-18 20:50:45

Yes, you have to sign them now. We renewed the children's last month and I'm dreading getting them to sign, one of my children has dyspraxia alongside ASD and struggles to write. It took him 1 hour of practicing his signature and huge anxiety levels before he could sign the passport form. His signature looked different every time. I've been putting it off 🙄

MadeinBelfast Thu 26-Apr-18 22:18:00

Sounds like a silly idea, maybe they'll revert to the old style when the blue passports come back.....

I'm sure it'll be OK OP, as long as they can read all the other info hopefully they won't care where the signature is.

WhipItGood Fri 27-Apr-18 09:57:29

Thanks for your replies. I’ve phoned the passport office to check and they said it would be ok. But to leave it at that and not to sign again on the line or amend anything.

Relieved 😅

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MissTulipan Sun 29-Apr-18 11:10:36

My daughter signed her name in the wrong place, below the line not on the line. This was about 18 months ago, she was 12. When I phoned passport helpline I was told that her passport was still valid but could cause delay/questioning in passport control. As she was using it for a school trip I chose to get a replacement passport, money down drain but I had visions of it causing issues with teachers and not me being there. Probably overly cautious but I felt better. Signing the replacement was very stressful!! But got it right...

Jab89 Sun 29-Apr-18 13:30:24

Hi everyone,

Hoping someone can help me, My passport is still in my maiden name,
However, when I have come to complete the form for my son’s first passport, I've gotten confused.

Do I complete it in my maiden name so it matches the passport number I put down in the parent's section or do I complete it in my married name and put a note somewhere explaining my passport is still in my maiden name? Even Tho I want it to stay in my maiden name? My daughter and her dad have the same Surname as this was done before we got married and it was not problem, but because ie recently just had my son and my name is my married name on his birth certificate am I right to think this will effect his passport application?

Has anyone else done this?

I still have 8 years left on my passport and the thought of spending another £85 to change to my marriage name is ridiculous!

Hoping someone else has done the same recently so they can advise.

Thank you in advance

Navy123 Sun 29-Apr-18 18:08:07

Sorry I know this doesn't relate to the OP but I'd love to know the answer to jabs question as we are in the same situation!

TotallyWingingIt Sun 29-Apr-18 18:10:37

I filled my DS's passport form in my married name and gave them my passport number (which was in my maiden name) and they accepted it with no problem smile

feltcarrot Sun 29-Apr-18 18:16:10

Have just scurried off to check ds’s renewed passport! Hadn’t realised it was any different and has to sign the actual passport, glad I read this thread! We are off to NY in a few weeks, does anyone know what would have happened if it hadn’t been signed?

RaptorInaPorkPieHat Sun 29-Apr-18 18:23:11

Jabs When I did DD's, my passport was expired and in my maiden name. I put my married name and sent my marriage certificate with it as proof of name change.

DougFargo Tue 01-May-18 12:04:06

jabs, you just use your actual name. Its that simple, the one that you actually use and are known by.

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