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A really weird one ... Ryanair flight booking

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Dieu Tue 17-Apr-18 23:37:41

Hi. Yesterday I booked 6 return flights with Ryanair, at a total cost of nearly 900 quid. I received the confirmation email etc, and then checked my internet banking to ensure that the payment had gone through ok. It was showing in 'transactions pending'. So far, so good.
So without thinking anything of it, today I logged back on to my internet banking, to check something else. First thing I noticed was that my balance was looking unusually healthy, after such a big debit.
Really weird, the Ryanair transaction had completely disappeared. It no longer appeared as 'pending', and there was no record of any transaction with them. A phone call to my bank confirmed that there was no Ryanair transaction.
I know what I saw yesterday! So tonight I was too late to make their customer services centre, so tried live chat instead (open later). They kept me hanging on for ages, until it was closing time (convenient!). There is nothing in my email about a cancellation of flights, and refund, which is the only explanation I can think of. When I log onto my Ryanair account, the flights are still there.
So it looks like we are booked onto Ryanair flights without having paid for them, which I know cannot be the case. Sadly! grin
Will obviously phone RA tomorrow, but in the meantime, can anyone put my mind at rest - or not - about what this could mean.

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fuzzyduck1 Thu 19-Apr-18 05:54:20

I booked flights with easyJet a few months ago for July they have just emailed me to tell me outgoing flights have been cancelled.
Cheep airlines are always doing this sort of thing waiting to get home to find out what is going on

Dieu Thu 19-Apr-18 22:07:10

Thanks fuzzy, but thankfully the money came out of my account today. Still took 3 days though!
Sorry to hear about the cancellation of your flights, and hope you get something sorted.

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