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zeezee2017 Mon 16-Apr-18 19:50:51

Hey guys, we've booked a holiday for the 24th of this month and applied online for our DS first passport on the 9th online. I know we've left it really late but I'm calling everyday for updates but theyre really unhelpful! The worse thing is I get told conflicting information everytime I call which is really stressing me out.

I've been told theres an upgrade service that would get us the passport within 7 days but there's no way of finding out if were eligible for this. Theyve advised I'd recieve a call if we are eligible and there's no timescale as to when you'd recieve this call!!!

At the moment the documents have been scanned and it's now with the examiner. All the paperwork is fine which has been sent but still no answer as to when it would arrive. Really frustrating as my gut is telling me this holiday isnt going to happen and we won't recieve a refund.

Any advise would be appriciated.

-Just a heads up for anyone that requires their DC first passport in a hurry- use the 1 week fast track service as this would be the quickest way.

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