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Toddler friendly European destinations

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FlosMumma Sun 08-Apr-18 16:27:05

Hi lovely ladies in my phone,

Looking to book a two week holiday away in Aug with other half and 2.5 year old. We were hoping to go somewhere new, but I’m struggling to find anything that beats Martinhal in Portugal, which we visited last year and really liked. Do any of you lovelies have recommendations?

Looking for something child friendly, and close enough to a beach and town, so we’re not stuck in the resort. Up for most things really (camping, apartments, hotel) just wanted to hear from some other families who have already tried and tested.

Thanks very much smile

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BubblesBuddy Mon 09-Apr-18 00:12:17

When ours were young we stayed at Trinite Sur Mer in Brittany near Carnac. Lots of beaches and lovely towns to visit. Good food and great weather. We don’t do resorts. Anywhere in Brittany is lovely! We liked the freedom of having our own car.

We have also stayed in a small hotel in Majorca. Most smaller resort towns are lovely. Minorca also worth considering. We also did Mark Warner on Sardinia. Not keen on Mark Warner type holidays but Sardinia is lovely.

Nomad86 Mon 09-Apr-18 06:20:35

We stayed in an agriturismo in Sicily which is a farm stay. Sicily would be too hot in August but they have them all over Italy. Ours had a private beach, playground pool, restaurant and orange grove where the children could pick their own fruit. It was really relaxing. Some of them have animals too. There were a few other families staying, all from different countries so dd got to make a few friends with other languages. I'd definitely recommend for a young family.

FlosMumma Mon 09-Apr-18 20:02:39

Hi there, thank you for the replies.

Brittany sounds like it could be an option, especially as it won’t be too hot in August, I would imagine? Drivable too for us, so that’s super handy.

The agriturismo in Sicily sounds awesome too. My little one would absolutely love seeing animals every day (she’s currently obsessed with chickens). Maybe not one for this trip as you say, we’re stuck with those August dates, but definitely one for us to consider for a future holiday. Thanks again x

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