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Center parcs advice

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UniqueSiren Wed 04-Apr-18 11:13:17

We've never been before and a few people have mention things we never would have thought about! Any tips?

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mai5x Wed 04-Apr-18 11:14:17

Go shopping before you arrive and stock up on food for the week/weekend, the food shops are very expensive at Center Parcs!

AlbusPercival Wed 04-Apr-18 12:58:54

Bumping as we are also going soon

KTD27 Wed 04-Apr-18 13:02:29

Black out blinds for the windows!!

honeysucklejasmine Wed 04-Apr-18 13:23:41

Book things in advance - it's nice to have something to aim for. We try to have one thing each day, so an activity or sport or restaurant reservation.

Who are you going with, so I can be more specific? And which site, if you don't mind saying?

AlbusPercival Wed 04-Apr-18 18:51:42

I’m going to Sherwood, four adults, two under twos. One walking, one not.

Yogagirl123 Wed 04-Apr-18 19:01:44

If there are any activities or restaurants you want to book, do it in advance otherwise you might be disappointed. If you plan on self catering buy your food before you arrive. The supermarkets at Center Parcs are good, but it’s a limited choice at higher prices etc. Swim in the evenings to avoid the crowds. You will have a fab time Center Parcs are great for family holidays.

UniqueSiren Sun 08-Apr-18 11:11:20

Ok I've been now so;

Kitchen roll
Extra plastic bags
Food for the wildlife, kids have loved the squirrels, swans, ducks and bunnies at the patio.
We have a fire grate that you can buy special logs for and it's lovely for marshmallows etc
The Quiz is fun
The pool at Sherwood is absolutely packed.

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stardustliz Thu 12-Apr-18 21:08:17

Hire bikes and book activities in advance so you have things planned on different days. Stock up on basic foods (as much cheaper).

biscuiteater Thu 12-Apr-18 21:20:52

Just come back from Center Parcs and we found eating out very expensive for what it is. Another time we would consider going to a nearby pub one evening/lunch instead of eating onsite.

dontcallmethatyoucunt Fri 13-Apr-18 19:28:45

'Cook' frozen meals. Home made (onan industrial scale). Nothing in them you can't get out of your cupboard. I always take dinner from cook so I get a holiday in a self catering environment. Works a treat.

Workerbe Fri 13-Apr-18 19:47:20

Clothes airer really useful to dry swim costumes and towels.

Pool quieter 3:45pm onwards- we aimed to be getting out at about 5:45/6pm then took evening meals that took a maximum of 20 mins to cook. Sometimes we ate our 'main meal' at lunchtime so could get away with a quicker tea. (Youngest child is 3 so couldn't be too late)

Pancake house wasn't too expensive for lunch.

Wellies for the lake beach and paddling.

Long bike rides with stop offs at playgrounds, drink in the sports cafe with free soft play, even the 2p machines in the arcade was cheap entertainment for the little ones.

Enjoy- we love it there... smile

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