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Bus transport in Edinburgh! Help!

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fdp86 Tue 03-Apr-18 22:54:25

Hi everyone, my husband and I are visiting Edinburgh next weekend and we are really stuck with how to get around. We dont want to be spending mega bucks on transport so we are trying to locate the best bus tickets etc. Been on the Lothian website and I am so confused about the tickets haha....we are staying opposite Edinburgh Zoo. What do you recommend? Thanks

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Diya82 Tue 03-Apr-18 23:01:55

I think your best off buying day tickets! The bus service is so good & convenient! Best way to get around Edinburgh!

fdp86 Wed 04-Apr-18 07:30:41

thanks @Diya82 . If we want to get around at night is it worth having a night pass too?

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FriendshipBraclet Wed 04-Apr-18 07:36:15

Make sure you take change with you. They do not give back change. So if your ticket is £2.39 and all you have is £5 note then you pay £5 or not get on. Seen this happen so many times when we used them on recent trip.

museumum Wed 04-Apr-18 07:38:58

£1.70 a single journey or £4 a day ticket. Right change only or use the mobile ticket app on your phone to buy and show them (must keep your phone charged if you do this).
Day tickets work till midnight I think on day or night buses but check that.
If you’re out till the small hours a taxi back to the zoo from the centre will be a tenner ish.

Veterinari Wed 04-Apr-18 07:40:39

Download the Lothian bus app - you can buy a variety of Day and Day to night tickets.
Open the ticket on your app just prior to boarding the bus. You can only use 1 app per person. Saves faffing with change

museumum Wed 04-Apr-18 07:42:08

Oh and don’t get the airport bus from the zoo into town or back. It’s more expensive. Only use it for the airport. It does give change.

fdp86 Wed 04-Apr-18 08:22:29

Wow brilliant advice. Thank you! Spent so much time working out whether it would be better value to book the 48 hour Royal Bus tour but I don't think that we could get on normal buses.

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Diya82 Wed 04-Apr-18 08:34:18

@fdp86 I live in Edinburgh & I take the bus everywhere even though I drive ! Just easier with parking and it’s so convenient!! Depends if your going to see a few places at night then the night pass is worth it smile

Groovee Wed 04-Apr-18 08:37:26

If you are at the zoo, from Princes Street you can get a 12, 26 and 31 very regularly. £4 day ticket bought on board with the exact money or download the app and use that. You can get the airport bus but I don't think you can use daysavers on it. But the flat fare of £1.70 is charged from the zoo into town.

Invisimamma Wed 04-Apr-18 08:39:21

Edinburgh bus network is really good. Get a £4 day ticket and you can hop on and off all day, any of the Lothian buses.

They take correct change only.

From the zoo the number 12, 26 and 31 will take you into town.

fdp86 Wed 04-Apr-18 13:40:47

Excellent. Are there any gems you can tell me about that are not your usual attractions? (we have booked the Zoo, the Castle and the Royal Yacht)

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ItsASairFecht Wed 04-Apr-18 13:44:16

Definitely buy a day ticket..valid for as many journeys as you want, in a large area up until about midnight at which point night tickets take over. I would always get the tram from airport to Princes Street, it's just so much easier.

Groovee Wed 04-Apr-18 15:57:21

Camera Obscura, the museum on chambers street.

Are you coming with children? Mary Kings Close is good if over 12 and not scared easily.

DontCallMeCharlotte Wed 04-Apr-18 22:54:24

Mary Kings Close is brilliant so I can second that.

museumum Thu 05-Apr-18 07:59:40

If it rains at all then def spend a couple of hours in the national museum in chambers street.
Stockbridge Sunday market has a nice vibe.

getupdressandshowup Fri 06-Apr-18 12:42:27

Mary Kings Close - definitely worth a visit.

Rosslyn Chapel also interesting if you've read Dan Brown's books.

Edinburgh Castle - obviously.

For the Zoo. If the pandas are still there it might be worth checking on zoo's website to book a slot to view the pandas. I went in 2012 and the panda queues were very long. We booked a slot whilst standing in the gift shop, for later then same day.

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