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Corsica. Mosquito's?

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CisMyArse Mon 02-Apr-18 09:06:10

My parents suffer terribly with bites - they get savaged when we go abroad despite deet and coils and plug ins. We we're hoping to go to Corsica this year.

Has anyone been and suffered with bites?

While you're there, can anyone recommend some lovely places there?


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GeorgeHerbert Mon 02-Apr-18 17:26:14

I have been twice and never had any bother with mosquitoes.
Corsica is lovely - depends on what you like! The area around Corte is very mountainous with great walking, both strenuous and not so, spectacular valleys. River swimming is also fantastic.
Ajaccio is very chic, lovely beaches.
Bastia is also a lovely town.
And the food is to die for!

InspiredByIntegrity Tue 03-Apr-18 08:39:42

We stayed in Porto Vecchio and the beaches round there are fabulous. Up to Caribbean standard ! But you need a car to access them. Bonifacio old town is worth a visit.

Didn't have a problem with mosquitos and DH is usuallly a magnet for them.

bitofabelly Wed 04-Apr-18 08:55:54

For what it's worth....I swear by this stuff...bring some just in case

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