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Help me name my business!

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mamahannah101 Mon 26-Mar-18 14:29:11

I am starting up my own travel agency targeting families and thought who better to ask for ideas on names than fellow mums netters! After all we make most of the holiday decisions right? Any ideas will be hugely appreciated! Thank you

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LDChoccy79 Mon 26-Mar-18 14:32:15

Family Travel
Far Flung Families
FAT - Families and Travel
FIT - Families in Travel
See the World
Spin the Globe

EnglishGirlApproximately Mon 26-Mar-18 14:35:20

Just out of curiosity why targeting families? It’s hard to make money on package holidays against the online prices of the likes of Jet2 and TUI

Ricekrispie22 Tue 27-Mar-18 07:18:11

Go Together
En Famille
Are We Nearly There?

ShiftyMcGifty Tue 27-Mar-18 07:21:17

Have you thought about being one of those theme park experts? I’ve seen Disney experts in the US and they apparently help you do your itinerary, do restaurant bookings, experiences etc. I’d pay money not to have to trawl Disneyland Paris forums and calling up places weeks in advance to rerserve a table for dinner.

applesandpears56 Tue 27-Mar-18 07:22:33

Can’t think of a headline name but Winnie the poo has lovely travel/adventure quotes that if it were me I’d use on my website. Google Winnie the poo travel/adventure quotes

NonnoMum Tue 27-Mar-18 07:24:28

Not in Term Time?
The Fine'll be Worth it?
Gosh - how much?

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