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Driving in NZ - car seat?

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GingerPCatt Tue 27-Feb-18 16:47:32

We’re heading to NZ soon and will be renting both a camper van and a car at various times on the trip. DS is 6 and over 1 m tall. Do we need to bring a booster/car seat?

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Celeriacacaca Wed 28-Feb-18 19:53:01

Check the regs with your hire company then find out what they charge to hire one and compare that with a baby/child equipment hire company. You can google laws. They are much more vigilant with traffic offences. Last time I was there I was breathalysed at 2pm with 2 Dcs in board! That’s not uncommon for random road block at which they’ll look over everything.

NapQueen Wed 28-Feb-18 19:54:37

Being in a different country doesnt change physics grin.

If he is a high backed booster here, which he ought to be, then just take it with you.

Rainbowqueeen Wed 28-Feb-18 19:57:57

I don't know the laws but we went when our kids were younger and the hire car company provided car seats free of charge. The HV service over there is called Plunket. I know they hire out baby equipment.

If you google them they may be able to give you some advice. Have a wonderful trip

MooseBeTimeForSnow Wed 28-Feb-18 20:10:19

Yes. 7 and under must use an appropriate restraint.

Cakecrumbsinmybra Wed 28-Feb-18 21:15:53

Yes he’ll need a booster - the seat belts are still at the same height in NZ! All the car hire companies have them, just let them know in advance.

GingerPCatt Thu 01-Mar-18 07:59:31

Thanks! Will look into getting one from the car rental company.

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specialsubject Thu 01-Mar-18 14:55:38

here's your light reading:

the Kiwis are quite good at killing each other with cars, and tired tourists underestimating travel times are also good at it. Double google maps times and you won't be too far wrong.

enjoy - and get out of the vehicle as much as possible.

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