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Travel wallet for my Mum

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CremeDeSudo Mon 26-Feb-18 11:55:52

I want to get a nice travel wallet for my Mum for Mothers Day.

It needs space for her passport, medication, foreign cash and ad hoc travel documents. I'm looking at around £20-£30 but happy to go to £50 if I think she'll love it and it's ideal. She won't like anything plain/classic looking as she'll think it's boring!

Any recommendations or suggestions on where to look please?

TIA! x

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girlywhirly Tue 27-Feb-18 10:32:53

Not on the Highstreet have some fun ones.

hugoagogo Tue 27-Feb-18 10:41:48

I saw a lovely travel wallet in paperchase recently,here but I'm not sure it's the sort of thing you are after, as you say eat needs to hold medication.
Do you want something with a strap?

CremeDeSudo Wed 28-Feb-18 08:59:39

Thanks both.

I love that Paperchase one! I've found this one now's on it's way.

Very impressed with the site - regular email updates on picking/delivery status and despatched about an hour and a half after ordering!

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CremeDeSudo Wed 28-Feb-18 08:59:55

Thank you for responding smile

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