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Which Greek Island - flying to Athens in August

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thetrap Sun 25-Feb-18 10:13:52

We are flying to Athens in mid August with DS aged 7 and DD aged 4. We have two weeks in Greece and would love to head to an island. We like: a good base so we can tour around, markets, cultural sites eg ruins (though the kids are a bit young to appreciate it) variety of tavernas, beautiful beaches and clean water. We don’t like massive resorts and too many ‘organised’ activities but are definitely up for the odd day out on a boat and a bit of island hopping especially if it can be done as a day trip. Our ideal holiday was island hopping around Croatia pre kids. Sigh. But guess we would opt for more comfort and less upheaval now. Any tips for islands and accommodation would be gratefully received. Should we book car hire to be picked up from the island as I understand many agencies don’t like you to take their cars off the mainland? The Peloponnese is also an option but would it be too hot in August? Thanks so much in advance.

specialsubject Sun 25-Feb-18 15:58:48

Everywhere will be very hot in august. I suggest spetses, lovely beaches near the main town. There should be trips to epidavros etc going. Ermioni on the mainland has a market although tat is tat anywhere.

No airport, ferry from Piraeus. Book ahead.

specialsubject Sun 25-Feb-18 15:59:52

Oh, and no cars - just buses, taxis and mopeds.

thetrap Sun 25-Feb-18 22:09:58

Thanks very much special. A friend always raves about it and cites the ‘no airport’ rule when booking Greek islands. I was meaning more food markets though am partial to tat smile

Thankyouforthemusic Sun 25-Feb-18 22:13:34

Aegina is very nice - lots of Greeks on holiday in august. Tavernas on the beaches, Temple of Aphaia, and less than an hour from Piraeus. Had a lovely holiday there

Thankyouforthemusic Sun 25-Feb-18 22:15:04

Or Tolon is lovely. Close to ruins of Mycenae. Need a car as it's a couple of hours from Athens airport

thetrap Mon 26-Feb-18 07:26:05

Thankyouforthemusic, both of those sound great and they’ve never been on my radar. Does anyone know what Naxos and Paros are like?

specialsubject Mon 26-Feb-18 08:59:22

Do you need a food market in Greece? All the shops sell decent stuff . it won't look good but it will taste wonderful. A choice we dont get in the UK.

Winglet Mon 26-Feb-18 11:32:13

I spent time in Naxos a few years ago and loved it. The town is great, lots of shops, restaurants and the portara. We stayed in Naxos town next to St George beach, but went to plaka beach further down which is beautiful. Agia Anna looked very child friendly too. I have a 3 year old and plan on taking her in next couple of years.

Only changed ferries in Paros, we stayed in Antiparos instead. Beaches not as beautiful but charming Island. Lovely atmosphere and very popular with Scandinavians.

If you do choose to go to the Cyclades, check out the tripadvisor forums. There is a few regular posters with loads of knowledge.

thetrap Mon 26-Feb-18 22:00:44

Thanks for the tips! Anyone else out there with knowledge of Paros, Antiparos or Naxos?

thetrap Mon 26-Feb-18 22:01:46

And any tips on what to do about car hire ie Athens airport or on islands and are there any reputable firms or ones to avoid?

Annebronte Tue 27-Feb-18 17:43:06

Hotel Finikas on Naxos is lovely. They have kids and adult bikes so you can explore local beaches and tavernas. They also organise occasional day car hite (we didn’t want one for whole week). Faros is also a wonderful place to stay on Naxos (small family run hotel with pool and taverna).

Ulysses Tue 27-Feb-18 17:45:28

I loved Naxos pre kids. Would loved to go back with them as well so good to hear these reports too.

thetrap Tue 27-Feb-18 23:04:13

Thanks so much for the tips Annebronte and Ulysses. Hope you’ve got interesting hols lined up and if so, post them here so I can be envious x

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