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10 days in May shorthaul

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Kikashi Tue 20-Feb-18 14:00:30

DP and I have 10 days in May to go away together(no DC for the first time) and about £1500 max to spend in total. Don't want somewhere too hot, warm fine - we like to do things/see things not sit about at a pool (too much). Could do a 2 centre trip. Any suggestions?

(DP has travelled a lot, especially in Italy and long haul - I'm open to most places). Would Norway or Zurich/Lucerne/Interlaken be outside our budget - willing to rough it in hostel type places?
Is Herculaneum/Capri worth a visit - is it too hot in May? (I looked up weather and it said avg 26 degrees but does it feel very humid and stifling?)

Many Thanks
DP fancies Thessaloniki but we visited Santorini last year - so a bit similar.

BubblesBuddy Tue 20-Feb-18 23:13:22

May in Italy is fine. Herculaneum is brilliant. So is Pompeii actually! Anywhere in Italy floats my boat but have you considered Bologna as a base? You can travel out of Bologna to Venice, Parma, Ravenna, (fantastic churches) Modena, Ferarra (check spelling), Padua and several other fantastic towns. It’s an overlooked area by the Brits but the food is great. Ham and balsamic vinegar! Train service is very good and I would think you could do this in budget. We stayed at a B and B when we went. It was wonderful. For a second Centre, take the train to Florence or Rome but accommodation there is likely to be more expensive. I really recommend Siena as well.

Norway can be lovely in May but it’s mega expensive. Ditto Sweden. A beer and a coke in Oslo cost us £12 not so long ago. So it’s not a budget option.

You could do a few Greek islands. Prices would be reasonable in May. I would also look at France. The med coast or Atlantic coast would be great and Brittany would be lovely - take the car?

Top choice is Italy though!

Kikashi Wed 21-Feb-18 08:22:51

BubbleBuddy Thank you so much. All great advice. It would be lovely to see Venice (one of those places to see before you die). Brittany is a good idea too - always tend to overlook that. Thanks

tracelab Fri 23-Feb-18 18:19:03

Why not consider The Netherlands. Such a wonderful place with loads on offer in Amsterdam and beyond.

I'm an Amsterdam blogger. Always happy to help with advice if useful.

Start here and let me know

BrimFire Fri 23-Feb-18 20:10:31

Road trip to Italy? I know it sounds a bit like hard work but actually it's dead easy, really fun and very romantic.

You can get across Europe in a few days and the driving is dead easy compared to the UK. You drive for a few hours on open roads, stop where you like( is your friend). If you pick somewhere crap it doesn't matter as you move on after a long breakfast/ swim/ wander round.
You get to see stuff you normally need a city break for. The Last Supper for instance was amazing but Milan never appealing. We parked at a hotel in the outskirts, saw it next morning and by evening was in a pool looking over Florence.
The novelty of have breakfast in Belgiuim, lunch in Austria and Supper in Italy has never left.

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