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24 hours in York

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Squaffle Wed 14-Feb-18 20:03:27

Any recommendations for things to do/see/avoid in York? Going for 24 hours Sat lunch-Sun lunch, staying centrally. I’ve never been before but have heard that The Shambles is a must.

Also any tips on nice bars and restaurants would be great. Thanks in advance!

JellySlice Wed 14-Feb-18 23:08:26

The Shambles, the Minster, tea at Betty's, a walk around the old city walls (take note of Whipmawhopmagate - purely for its name grin) glancing over at the plague pits just outside the city, the National Rail Museum, Clifford Tower, Jorvik Museum (very good, but the authentic Viking smell clings for hours afterwards).

Sorry, don't know about bars and restaurants (can you tell I only get to go there with children? confused)

2pandasandapig Wed 14-Feb-18 23:10:17

If you’ve got children Dig is a good place to visit and ties in quite nicely with Jorvik.

carriewintermeadow Wed 14-Feb-18 23:14:42

I like the Lendal cellars just round the corner from Bettys. Fairy lights in a cellar, good reasonably priced food ...

Bettys for afternoon tea.

The Blue Bicycle is meant to be good.

There an old pub that's said to be haunted near Stonebow, I'll find the name if you're interested.

Harlequin is a lovely cafe, not as busy as some of the more well known ones, although not sure at the weekend.

buttermilkwaffles Wed 14-Feb-18 23:14:54

I used to live there. Would suggest a short stroll in the museum gardens , St Mary's Abbey ruins are worth seeing (it's free and part of the gardens) and there is a cafe near the entrance called Brew and Brownie which makes a good breakfast stop (but they are open all day) or get a coffee and pastry to go at Perky Peacock and have breakfast/coffee in the gardens by the abbey ruins,.

You can then walk the best (imo) bit of the walls from Bootham Bar to Monk Bar, then head down Goodramgate towards the Shambles (stopping at 15th century Holy Trinity Church for a quick look on the way) before heading to the Minster via Petergate (or you could visit the Minster first, then the Shambles).

After the Minster walk down Stonegate to see another street with interesting buildings and at the bottom (St Helen's square) turn right into Lendal and you will arrive back at the museum gardens.

FifiandDD Wed 14-Feb-18 23:35:51

There is a short trail to find hidden cat statues on buildings. You pick up the leaflet at the glass shop in the Shambles.You can get a York pass which gives you reduced or free enterence into some things.

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