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Best Maldives resort for a couple?

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whyhastherumgone Sun 11-Feb-18 20:14:46

Looking to book a dream holiday to maldives but have become boggled by the sheer amount of options and reviews.
We don't have tens of thousands but we don't have to scrimp either so I would look at something middleweight luxury.

Anyone been anywhere they can recommend? And which type of year would you say I've had such mixed recomm ndations so far!

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whyhastherumgone Mon 12-Feb-18 09:27:29

Anyone? smile

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Hersetta427 Mon 12-Feb-18 11:32:05

Our favourite is lily beach but I would definitely also consider veligandu, filitheyo , reethi beach, dhonveli and maybe thudufushi. All lovely mid priced resorts

mumofkyle Mon 12-Feb-18 11:50:12

It is a minefield isn't it?

We went to Oblu by Atmosphere Helengeli last September for our Silver Wedding Anniversary and after a week travelling around Sri Lanka is was a week of absolute heaven. The weather could have been better as we had a couple of afternoons of rain but it didn't ruin our day. The only thing we would have changed was there is only one main restaurant (there are only 100 rooms on the whole island) and one speciality restaurant.
Since coming home we have booked Kurumathi for November; this Island was recommended to us by one of the waiters as we are 'foodies' and there are 12 different restaurants. We have been advised to always go all inclusive which ever Island we chose as the costs of food and drink can be scarily high.
Best of luck with your decision you will have an amazing time!

bluesky Tue 13-Feb-18 13:59:21

Amazing little resort. I researched for months before we booked, so many options, I worked it out by thinning options out by what I didn't want, ie wasn't going to use a pool as had the sea, didn't need kids facilities as it was just us two, etc etc.

Baros is a boat ride away from the airport, the hotel collect you and whizz you across the turquoise waters. It was important that we stayed in a hotel with it's own reef, so we didn't have to go out on a boat each time we wanted to find some really good snorkelling/diving.

March was perfect.

Magicstar1 Tue 01-May-18 13:05:52

@mumofkyle we are looking at going to Oblu for our anniversary this year. Thinking of November.
Can I ask if it was all-inclusive and did it work out dear for any extras?

eurochick Tue 01-May-18 13:24:34

Lux is my favourite of the resorts we have tried.

KimboBimbo Tue 01-May-18 13:48:19

We stayed at Centara Rafushi in January for our big birthdays! It was absolutely glorious - but I have some tips! Unless you are a lizard and can cope with total sunshine that you can't get away from, don't bother with the water villas - they are pretty and it is a lovely experience, but it took us 3 times longer to walk from ours to the centre of the island than it did to walk round the whole island it self - good to have some exercise though I suppose! They were incredibly windy and there is absolutely no shade. The beach villas are just as pretty, more centrally located and surrounded by trees for a little bit of shade to move into if you want to. They are also much cheaper! If I were to do it again - and I hope one day I will - I would go for the Beach Villa, but upgrade to Gold All Inclusive, which means you can experience the different restaurants without paying extra and you get an allowance per day for either scuba diving - don't forget your PADI licence - or the Spa. Paying for extras not included really mounts up, they have got you and charge through the nose!
However it was a magical experience and I highly recommend it!

mumofkyle Tue 01-May-18 15:48:15

Hi Magicstar1, yes Oblu is all inclusive, the only money we spent was for tips and in the spa.
To be honest the staff weren't even looking for tips either.
I would definitely recommend the Island; it really was a holiday of a lifetime.

mumofkyle Tue 01-May-18 15:49:19

Sorry, I should have said we didn't pay for any extras apart from £40 for a lovely manicure.

feesh Tue 01-May-18 15:54:39

Definitely go for all inclusive, as you’re held hostage on the island for food and it’s expensive. Find a resort that doesn’t allow kids (like the W Resort) or at least doesn’t have a kids club. Lily Beach is amazing, but it did have a kids club so it’s not going to be completely child free. It is a sea plane ride away which is awesome, plus it’s right on the edge of the atoll, so you get amazing marine life and house reef. These guys are brilliant at helping you to narrow down the massive selection of resorts if you email them your likes and dislikes.

thefemaleJoshLyman Tue 01-May-18 22:10:33

We went to Baros but a long time ago when it was smaller and much cheaper. But it was amazing. We didn't do all inclusive, we wanted more choice of restaurants.

Tailfeather Tue 01-May-18 22:22:11

I love Baros too. By far my favourite. I've been to 14 different islands. It is a minefield as you need to choose carefully as your whole holiday is dependent on that island. It's quite unique like that. Most other holidays you can explore, eat in any restaurant or hotel you want to, etc, but with the Maldives you are stuck with the island you choose. My top tips are to make sure it has a good house reef and a good few eating options on all inclusive if possible. It gets a bit boring having a buffet for every meal in the same restaurant.

9GreenBottles Tue 01-May-18 22:29:36

We went to Oblu too and had a fabulous time, but we did ask to move room as the sun beds assigned to us initially were nestled between some bushes and only got the sun late afternoon.

If you plan on diving, if you have any medical conditions, you will be asked to provide a note from your doctor (which caused my DP much frustration as he's never been asked before across 4 continents and he wasn't allowed) but the snorkelling is amazing.

Alabasterangel6 Tue 01-May-18 22:35:49

Been to several. I have a family member who lives on male.

Two for me, in order.

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