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More Isle of Wight advice needed regarding camping / nodes point / prices / days out etc

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mosschops30 Tue 01-May-07 13:32:15

Used to go to IOW as a child but have never taken mine. We are having an early holiday abroad this year so thought IOW would be nice late august.

Anyway planning to go about 28/8 and have seen a pre-erected tent for 4 nights for £269 at Nodes Point. Now from someone who has never camped in their life I dont know if this is a good deal or not, or what its like, or if I will cope without hair straighteners

Is there still lots to do for children on IOW, lots of suggestions welcome

ChippyMinton Tue 01-May-07 13:54:50

Just back from our first trip to Nodes Point, staying in a mobile though. It's a great location, just behind the beach - sand/beach huts/cafe in one direction, rockpools in the other. Swimming pool is fine (a bit chilly for my liking but the DC didn't mind). Loads to do on IOW. What age are your DC?
If you keep this bumped for Peachyclair she's been to Nodes too (not sure if in a ready erected tent).

RTKangaMummy Tue 01-May-07 14:51:56




mosschops30 Tue 01-May-07 16:37:14


Thanks both, I remember Blackgang Chine, I wonder if its changed

Chippy, so how does it work on the site, do you have to share toilets and showers and stuff, can I plug things in anywhere, and how do we make brekkie? (god I am so dippy but honestly never done more than a night in tent in a friends garden as a child). Did you find the park itself nice, was it clean?

My dd is 10 and ds is 2

RTKangaMummy Tue 01-May-07 17:00:22

Quite alot has disappeared into the sea

It has gone up the hill and over the other side of the carpark

But NURSERY WORLD is still there and the chimney pots and the maze

mosschops30 Tue 01-May-07 17:04:23

dont know if I remember that (vaguely searching childhood memories). I can remember a sort of house of horrors place, I looked down a shaft of some sort and there was a dummy climbing up the ladder traumatised even now at 32

what else is there to do? I read theres a zoo!

where do you stay RTKM?

pickledpear Tue 01-May-07 17:09:24

think that was the saw mill at black gang or the wax museum.MC

if you sed me your address via email i will send you lots of info that you would not get till on the ferry normally as i live on the island
tell me info how old dc and what type of things you enjoy i will do my best travel agent i am not but love island think everyone should share it once in lifetime

mosschops30 Tue 01-May-07 17:48:59

thank you pickledpear will email you later. Does the wax museum still exist?

Would you recommend Nodes Point, and more importantly camping <scared emoticon>

kookaburra Tue 01-May-07 17:51:40

We go every year to IOW - Blackgang Chine is DSs favourite (they are now 9 & 7). Thye begged to go to waxworks which I enjoyed but they were not so interested. We are going to try Robin Hill also this year which I went to as a child and is more for older kids.
PS - you can get gas canister travel straighteners

ChippyMinton Tue 01-May-07 17:53:51

Would recommend Nodes, but don't know much about the camping. There was a lovely looking new toilet block in the camping field. How much are the mobiles mosschops? They are like a little house - proper kitchen, shower & toilet, electricity! Keep it bumped for Peachy

pickledpear Tue 01-May-07 18:04:06

if you could afford a van then i would recommend lower hyde as a site although you can take your own tent i think.. but i have lots of numbers here in a tourist book so will be happy to send it to you
Robin hill is alot of walking and not too much there we are told black gang is moving there soon as it is a sister park

mosschops30 Tue 01-May-07 21:45:05

pp i dont have a tent - I am a hotel girl

I cannot take different straighteners only ghds

bumping for peachy to give me the low-down on camping and nodes point and if a little tent novice like me will survive.

I think the tent was £268 and the mobile home thing was £408 so quite a difference. I would pay £408 for a hotel for 4 nights but not a caravan, but £269 seems resonable to me but maybe its not

KateF Tue 01-May-07 21:55:03

We had a good holiday on the IOW last year (kids are 7,5 and 2). The waxworks were good for an afternoon, the Roman villa and the castle were great, seem to remember a model village as well. Oh, and the Shire horse centre was good for my horse-mad older two. Didn't get round to the theme parks as were only there a week.

pickledpear Tue 01-May-07 22:06:31

MC they do have hotels in Sandown that usually do deals to include the ferry 3 nights B&B eve meal £99 but i think this is more out of season i know they do offer it in season but a little more and obviously do week prices too
the tents at nodes point i have looked around in past you also get given patio furniture they are very big but your children will escape the zip so depending how old this is a ddownside

RTKangaMummy Tue 01-May-07 22:16:33

here is the BLACKGANG website they have just built new attractions so I very much doubt they are leaving the present site

DS loves the Pirate ship one time we went there he spent hours and hours in there with his cap rifle and pistol

I know loads of PC mums on here disagree with guns all I know is he had a deffo brill time

RTKangaMummy Tue 01-May-07 22:21:16

btw we stay all over the place on IOW.

My Dad was born and grew up there so we went there all through childhood

And have taken DS loads of times. He loves it there.

PeachyChocolateEClair Wed 02-May-07 10:07:47

Hiya I know the tents you mean, been there a few times.

Firstly they ahve rooms with plusgs next to the loo so take your hair straighterners . Loads of people take their kettles in there as well LOL- we didn't, was a bit .

Blackgang is fab for the littles (to adults it seems a bit scruffy)- ,mne loved the Whale, older ones like Robins Hill (DS3 did as well, as you can feed the fish on the lake- as he was only 3)

Flamingo wot-sit-called is very nice supposedly 9we didnt get there) and very close to Nodes. And Ryde is nearby, for a seaside day out. Oh yes- boys favourite- we went to The Needles and on the boat trip (far cheaper than we expected as well), they loved that.

The only palce we hated was Amazon World- they were undergoing a refurb at the time ( a few years ago now) and the animal habitats were very . I will put that down to the refurb, goodness I hope it was!

Nodes is ight on a lovely quiet beach, if you go left you'll have rockpooling and right a trad beach. there's nothing there but a beach goods shop, ice creams and a cafe. But at night the cafe (baywatch on the beach- shite anme) does really nice food, you need to book when you get there. The kids food is decent- mini steaks, pasta with chicken and ham, salads, lasagen and the adults food is amazing- DH ahd Thai mussels and I had scallops with pumpkin seed salsa. Not cheap but worth it, and just a very short stroll.

The evening entertainment is cheesy at best but the kids seem to like it- mine did.

The takeaway on site is Gaddawful, so would skip that.

the tents are fine, traditinal frame tents, which all seemed to have a plastic table and chairs outside, they were all in a quite quiet area together and mid way between beach and amenities.

PeachyChocolateEClair Wed 02-May-07 10:11:26

Oh sorry had to add- the tents are much better than their basic level caravans! We had one the first year (the caravan) they had to upgrade us (to a gold LOL ) as it was falling apart and the alarm going off.

kids and tents are usually OK, if you're worried about escaping (unbnlikely the fresh air tires them out) you can get extra pegs from the shop and pin so the top sits on the tent skirt. However, we find putting a cereal bar, juice carton and colouring stuff out for them when they wake diverts their attention inwards very efectively

suejonez Wed 02-May-07 10:17:43

Mosschops - I'm hoping to be in IOW that week staying in Seaview with DS who will be 18m by then. There's a lovely little beach hidden in St Helens like something out of the 1950's just a car park a beach hut cafe, bucket and spade shop and a strip of sandy beach. It's lovely. Perhaps we could meet if we both had time?

I think there's a smaller funfair'y kind of thing at Ryde.

I love the IOW.

suejonez Wed 02-May-07 10:17:43

Mosschops - I'm hoping to be in IOW that week staying in Seaview with DS who will be 18m by then. There's a lovely little beach hidden in St Helens like something out of the 1950's just a car park a beach hut cafe, bucket and spade shop and a strip of sandy beach. It's lovely. Perhaps we could meet if we both had time?

I think there's a smaller funfair'y kind of thing at Ryde.

I love the IOW.

PeachyChocolateEClair Wed 02-May-07 10:18:57

sue the St helens one is Nodes Point, she will be camping right on that beach

ChippyMinton Wed 02-May-07 10:21:37

here too, i intend to go back asap

suejonez Wed 02-May-07 10:22:55

Oh lovely - it's a really sweet beach Mosschops - think I'd put up with a tent to stay there. Luckily have rich sister with house in IOW!!

suejonez Wed 02-May-07 10:25:16

Peachy just reread rour post properly and of course would have spotted it from the name of the cafe. They do nice baguette at lunchtime too and IIRC, there's a ruined church thing by the beach which would probably keep your older DC happy exploring for a little while.

Peachy - where in Welsh Wales are you - I'm from llanelli

PeachyChocolateEClair Wed 02-May-07 10:30:29

We're in caerleon. not very far in but lovely

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