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Long Ferry Crossings - Hull to Zeebrugge & Newcastle to Amsterdam

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No2 Mon 30-Apr-07 13:10:59

Have you done either of these crossings or similar around 12+ hours long with toddler in tow? If so, do you have any general tips or info re which CABIN to take? Thanks!

purpleduck Mon 30-Apr-07 13:38:15

I did the Zeebrugge to Hull, many moons ago, and did not have children, so i don't know if i can help... We did the overnight one, and by the time we had dinner, it was time for bed. I remember that the cabin we had (one with 2 single berths) was very small and very narrow. Do they have family rooms? We go on shorter ferry's alot, and some have very large indoor play areas - can you enquire if they do (I know not all ferry's are equipt, so one with play areas may be running at certain times IYSWIM). Good luck! ps: Going somewhere nice?

No2 Mon 30-Apr-07 13:42:19

Thanks, thinking of holidaying in Yorkshire Dales or Scotland.. very nice for me to go to UK for a holiday for a change! Did you travel in summer or winter? Was it very rocky? I´m a bit concerned the north sea could be rough!

purpleduck Mon 30-Apr-07 14:43:21

We traveled at the end of August. The sea was quite rough, but I remember the ferry was a HUGE one, so it was still quite a smooth crossing

fifisworld Mon 30-Apr-07 17:29:28

I have done the newcastle to amsterdam crossing twice, although not with kids.
There were plenty children on borad though.
I had a small cabin 2 berth with port hole but they do larger cabins for families.
As purpleduck said by the time you have tea its late ish anyway but there was a few bars and entertainment on board that you can take the kids to as well.
I went september and november, september the crossing was fine, november it was quite rough,but you dont tend to feel it much.

fryalot Mon 30-Apr-07 17:31:17

I've done Hull to Rotterdam

Didn't have any kids with me, but the boat was so fab and child-friendly, I would not hesitate to take them if I went again.

It is like a giant Butlins (without the irritating Butlins holidayers)

I get horrendously travel sick, and didn't even notice that the ship was moving, it was fab.

Smurfgirl Mon 30-Apr-07 22:17:04

I did Hull to Rotterdam in January - I don't have children so obviously no experience of that. It doesn't feel like a long journey really, you board at about 6pm, eat dinner and go to bed and then wake up in your destination.

-the ferry is fabulous - would strongly recommend that route and not the one to Zebrugge the ferries are much newer
-there was a kids playroom (like a ballroom?) which looked nice and clean
-the food on the ferry was fine, pay for the meals before you go and its cheaper, there was a lot of choice
-our cabin was quite big tbh, we had 3 adults in it and it did not feel cramped at all - 2 bunk beds, small dressing table area, and a shower room it was all new and did not feel cramped

Crossing was really smooth.

No2 Tue 01-May-07 19:17:40

Thanks for putting my mind at rest! Think I´ll give it a go!

Racers Tue 01-May-07 21:12:08

No2, we are also considering same trip with 2yo (she will be by then). Looking at DFDS website, travel cots are not allowed under Danish law so we'd have to pay for her to have a bed (she's not in her own bed yet) or she sleeps with us (this has never worked for any of us, even when quite small).

Silly question probably, but can a toddler open the cabin door? I don't think I could get to sleep for the worry...?

Apatosaurus Tue 01-May-07 21:19:44

We did Hull - Rotterdam last summer with a 2 year old and a 1 year old, and were very impressed.

As soon as we got on board a member of staff spotted us (with small people) and asked us if we wanted travel cots put up in our cabin. We obviously said yes please and they were intalled about 2 mins after we got into the cabin. They do end up stuck right between the 2 bunks and take up all the floor space but the dc were delighted with the whole thing!

There was a great little kids area with ball pool, coloring, craft area, face painting and a mini cinema (ie MASSIVE TV) showing disney films. All staffed with helpful people who seemed to me to be nursery-esque trained.

Breakfast next moring was a bit of a bun fight but as 'krispies' were on offer then my 2 were happy.

All in all v.impressed, and it was calm so no puking!!

Apatosaurus Tue 01-May-07 21:21:16

I doubt they would be able to open the door..they are bloomin heavy!

Theresa Wed 02-May-07 21:05:09

We did newcastle to amsterdam last may with 4yr old & 7 yr old. Its very family friendly, there is a childrens entertainer, ours was Vicky the Pirate, she was Dutch but spoke fab English and di all sorts of acticities with children. There is a play room with loads of lego, a small soft play and tom and jery on constant loop on the tv. Have to say on the way back it was quite rough and both me and dd aged 7 were poorly but it wouldn;t stop me from going again and dd also eager to give it another go

tribpot Sat 08-Sep-07 07:10:10

Just bumping this thread - we're thinking about Hull->Rotterdam in a few weeks time, mainly because we have so much stuff to carry (dh is in a wheelchair) that, even with assisted travel on the plane, I don't fancy trying to get me, dh, ds (2.2), the wheelchair, the breathing machine, the buggy, and the luggage from Schiphol to the centre of Amsterdam!

Glad the reviews are positive, I assume most people with toddlers just let them stay up a bit and then all go to bed together?

Anyone used the club cabins and are they worth the money? (Would guess probably not given you're asleep for most of the trip).

tribpot Sun 09-Sep-07 11:04:47

Little bump for any ferry fans out there.

smurfgirl Sun 09-Sep-07 18:38:09

I don't think the club cabins are worth more, I have a picture of a normal cabin if you are really interested??

tribpot Sun 09-Sep-07 20:16:27

Yes please! tribunicia underscore potestas at hotmail dot com, unless the photo's online somewhere?

smurfgirl Sun 09-Sep-07 20:35:31

Hi I have e-mailed you the pictures, hope they are helpful.

My email is a (dot)hull(dot)ac(dot)uk one.

SourOldBagpuss Sun 09-Sep-07 20:55:13

I seem to think Club Cabins have a TV and tea/coffee making facilities - if that helps? (Tho you can get take away cuppas from the cafe by the ball pool)

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