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Pop up bassinet for 3 month old

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jlr2017 Mon 29-Jan-18 22:38:38

Hoping for some Mumsnet advice...

I am thinking ahead to sleeping arrangements for a holiday we have booked for April, when DS will be three and a half months old. We had originally thought we'd take the pram and use the bassinet (which is suitable for overnight sleeping), however he looks like he may have grown out of it by then.

We have therefore been looking at a travel cot, but most seem huge/heavy (to take on a plane)...the pop up bassinets then appear a good idea...but the Ines we've seen are either 0-6 months/when they can sit up or 6 months plus. There's a good chance he'll be sitting up (sod's law he'll start while we're away!) and we'll need one for the summer too...

We've seen this one, but it says suitable for 6-18 months and not for newborns. We're trying to work out therefore if this might be suitable at 3 months? Why is it not suitable for newborns?

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Nomad86 Wed 31-Jan-18 14:33:24

We used the koo-di pop up travel cot as it lasts until 18 months I think but is really lightweight and small. They do a bassinet version but I'm sure the bigger one would be fine for a newborn and last longer.

MelvinThePenguin Wed 31-Jan-18 14:38:36

Oops. DD2 slept in one of those quite regularly from birth confused.

We bought it for DD1 when she was about 5 months.

What a terrible mother I am!

FleurWeasley Wed 31-Jan-18 14:40:32

Probably because koo di want you to buy there 0-6 month one too!

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