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Going around in circles trying to choose a holiday for May half term.

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ILOVEALLCAKES Sat 27-Jan-18 15:04:12

Hi, this is my first time posting on here. I am looking for the perfect family holiday. We are a family of 4 with two DD’s aged 5 & 7. We’ve not been abroad for a couple of years as we’ve spent a lot of money on our new house.
We are looking for May half term. Don’t mind if it’s short or long haul.
Wants: sun, safe beach with warm water. Activities such as snorkelling, kayaking, trekking or biking. Good choice of restaurants. Places of interest locally.
Not fans of All Inclusive.
Please share your holiday destinations where you’ve experienced the above.
Many thanks.

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PeasAndHarmony Sat 27-Jan-18 15:21:15

Portugal/ Algarve? Should be nice and warm, beautiful beaches and if you avoid really touristy bits like albefueira it's lovely!

Ricekrispie22 Sat 27-Jan-18 18:27:51

Martinhal Sagres beach resort in Portugal has a very wide range of well-delivered activities, a good choice of accommodation options (apartments, villas and hotel) and caters very well for children. About six or seven restaurants to choose from, but not a lot in the way of local interest.

ILOVEALLCAKES Sun 28-Jan-18 08:57:48

Thank you both very much, I’ll take a look.

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blinkineckmum Sat 03-Feb-18 00:42:23

We went near Lake Garda at that time of year last year. Lake Idro with Eurocamp. It was glorious, and had the lake to ourselves. We went by train and had a day in Paris and a day in Venice.

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