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Going away for the whole summer holiday - anyone done this?

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Misty9 Mon 22-Jan-18 18:02:44

I’m finishing my contract at the end of the month and dh works for himself from home. All he needs is a decent internet connection, so I have an idea of us renting somewhere on/very near the beach for 4-5 weeks of the summer holidays and dh can work part time for some of the weeks. But I’m struggling to find what I want.

Has anyone else done this? I’ve been looking in northern France, the Netherlands, and uk south coast. Budget is probably about £1k per week but preferably less and I’m loath to spend that much for the uk! As close to the beach as possible. I have visions of the kids being able to walk out the back garden onto the beach so we don’t have to lug loads of’ll probably remain just that though, a vision! Ideally we want to drive there.

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frenchfancy Mon 22-Jan-18 19:26:47

If it is on the beach and under £1k per week I would imagine most of the summer is already booked.

Misty9 Mon 22-Jan-18 19:31:57

That is what I am quickly deducing french sad

I’m more wondering if going away for the whole summer break is something anyone else has done/does?

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Chewbecca Mon 22-Jan-18 19:33:50

I'd be more inclined to go to Spain & try to rent directly from an owner.

Chickenagain Mon 22-Jan-18 20:00:37

A couple if years ago I rented a house in the mountains in the south of France for two months, it was brilliant. I rented out as a holiday let to cover the costs.

At this moment in time I am away in the Chamonix Valley skiing for five months. I've airbnb'd the house and I'm in a studio with mezzanine with my partner.

I'm 54 🤣

Chickenagain Mon 22-Jan-18 20:07:52

I think most beach side properties in summer will be prohibitively expensive. What about a house with a pool? Try the website long term rentals France,com or an Airbnb with massive discount for monthly rentals.
The apartment we are in now did a 40% discount for monthly rentals and we are in a fabulous town, walking distance to gondola etc - an amazing bargain for peak season, so it can be done

Misty9 Mon 22-Jan-18 22:12:23

Sounds a fabulous life chicken ! A pool is out as ds hates water, but they both love the beach. I’m finding that nowhere does long term discounts in high season, as they can let it full price per week and don’t want to risk missing out on that.

I’ve found a place in France but we’d be looking at £4K for three weeks rental and ferries shock hmm, maybe I’ll have to take the kids camping and leave dh here working. Not much of a holiday for me though...

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Chickenagain Tue 23-Jan-18 13:05:22

What about a lakeside beach? Up here in the mountains, summer is mainly lower season than winter. And there is much more to do - biking etc.
The other alternative is somewhere like Goa where the cost of living is very, very cheap (once you get there) or a drive down to the Portugese coast, or northern Spain. Eurotunnel tends to be a lot cheaper than ferries. Failing all that, try trusted house sitters .com

Chewbecca Wed 24-Jan-18 18:01:44

The Spanish sites in Spain are more reasonable than the ones
UK visitors tend to use.
this for example is £3k for 4 weeks in the summer

froomeonthebroom Wed 24-Jan-18 18:54:48

What about a static caravan? We've been to this site and it's 5 mins flat walk to the beach on a woodland path

Mamaohana Wed 24-Jan-18 19:02:15

Do you want a villa, apartment or lodge caravan?
Pierre et Vacances have loads of apartment complexes throughout France, Spain and some other countries. We find the coastline near Barcelona (costa brava) good value for accommodation and eating out, resorts are not particularly up market but nice for families if you don’t go expecting Monte Carlo. Also lots of cheap flights with Ryanair etc. As well as apartments there are lots of campsites with lodges in this area, try lifestyle holidays which has lodges for hire on the same sites at Eurocamp but usually cheaper. Only other option- hire a motor home and travel around?

Nakedavenger74 Wed 24-Jan-18 19:27:31

Most rental property price on the basis that they might have empty periods, have to do changeover cleaning and linen etc etc. as you will be there for a good while I suggest contacting an owner and asking for a discount for the full term.

Doubt you will find anything that's totally free for that period though. If you were thinking next year I'd say no problem.

It's a long shot but have you thought about it camping? Invest in a couple of big bell tents, comfy blow up beds, seat rugs BBQ etc and set up at somewhere like the campsites at St Tropez beach or at the Arcachon sand dunes. Lots of adventures for kids.

Chickenagain Thu 25-Jan-18 09:49:03

I did six weeks in a VW camper in Brittany a few years back. It was fabulous, internet was a bit sporadic though.

Aim for two months & be prepared to compromise. Do you actually want to 'live' abroad or holiday abroad for the summer? There is a huge difference and a difference in price too.
Inland on airbnb is much cheaper and castles, cycling & picnics are as lively, if not livelier than the beaches.

Chickenagain Thu 25-Jan-18 09:49:49

Sorry, that should be lovely & lovelier.

Misty9 Thu 25-Jan-18 23:06:35

Sounds lively as well as lovely smile

Thanks for the suggestions. Dh really isn’t keen on going abroad and the cost is extortionate in this country - and as you say, most places are booked for at least one of the summer weeks by now. So a bit pie in the sky it seems sad

We have talked about campervanning in a retro VW actually - it’s one of dh’s dreams. But it would be two weeks max as he needs to work. We’re only an hour from the coast so we can do day trips, I just hankered after getting away from the house for a protracted period. Change of scenery, if not exactly a ‘holiday’ in the usual sense of the word! I might get desperate enough to take the kids camping (after buying a tent) grin

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Suewannywin Sun 11-Feb-18 16:43:13

We travel long term with our family and still find the Summer months a challenge as everyone is on holiday! Last year we opted to be in Bali - internet is good and accommodation is super cheap (we paid around £600 for 5 weeks in a villa with pool) Of course the flights would be more expensive and possibly make it unaffordable. 2 years ago we stayed in Zagreb for 5 weeks which was also really affordable - accommodation was around £750 for 5 weeks. We spent a lot of time by the lake and also took weekend trips to the beach. We blog about our travels here:

10thingsIhateAboutTheDailyMail Sun 11-Feb-18 16:53:15

I have been to Zeeland, in the,Netherlands, a few times. Windswept beaches, northsea swimming (cold but great waves), renting bikes and cycling through the dunes with the kids. Cycling to Belgium. Fab holiday, could have happily spent 2-3 weeks there.

Have you tried airbnb?

Or how about a house swap?

BlackAmericanoNoSugar Sun 11-Feb-18 17:02:41

Have you thought about using a house swap website? There may be other people who would be flexible about doing quite a long swap.

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