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UK to New Zealand with 12 month old, advice please.

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FlyingwithBaby Sat 13-Jan-18 22:22:27

My partner and I are travelling to New Zealand, from the UK, with our 12 month old baby.
Please could you share any advice with me on long haul travel and also adjusting to the time difference (+13 hours at the moment)?
In case it’s relevant my little one is breastfed and we plan to bring his sling on the flight.
Many thanks in advance mumsnetters!

Ricekrispie22 Sun 14-Jan-18 10:38:56

Make the most of fellow passengers who take an interest in your son! Use them to keep him occupied and give you a break. Once some young teens happily played peekaboo with my little DD for quite a while (I think they were very bored!) and an oldish lady enjoyed dd her on lap for half an hour. Another young teen girl jumped at the chance to cuddle DD and took her on a few laps of the plane so I was able to read a book! So basically if anyone takes an interest, ask if they'd like to have a cuddle!

My top toys for travel are:
A small set of stacking cups (great for playing games with hiding Cheerios and raisins!)
One pot of Playdough
Teething rings
A balloon which you can blow up when on the plane. Attach it to their wrist with some cord.
Baby activity mirror which you can strap on the back of the seat in front.
Early Learning Centre Chain Links
A high chair toy with suction
A few small envelopes for hiding toys and snacks for them to open
Two or three finger puppets or a hand puppet

A snug fitting hat to put on if the aircon is bothering them/to pull over their ears or eyes to help them sleep/to play peekaboo with!

Aircon is dehydrating so several small frequent feeds are best. Also our tastes change slightly when in the air.

FlyingwithBaby Sun 14-Jan-18 16:18:51

Thank you very much, that’s all very helpful.

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