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Copenhagen - 5th June: Constitution Day

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R00tat00tt00t Sat 13-Jan-18 17:33:57

I'm off to Copenhagen for a long weekend in June. All good and really looking forward to it. However I've just noticed that there is a national holiday -Constitution Day, during our stay and from what I've read this means that most workplaces and shops will be closed for the day. Could any of you lovely lot that are familiar with/live in Copenhagen or elsewhere in Denmark advise on whether these means that cafes/restaurants, museums etc are likely to be closed too and also if the public transport is likely to be on a reduced service? Any other tips and advice re; must-see's, foods to try etc would be great.

R00tat00tt00t Sat 13-Jan-18 20:26:41


hevonbu Sat 13-Jan-18 20:30:06

I don't know but in neighbouring Sweden things tend to be closed on the day after, June 6, the constitutional day - a national holiday. I don't know how it is in Denmark though.

hevonbu Sat 13-Jan-18 20:34:18

Google has an answer to everything, it seems to be closed. BT (the paper) says: "Derfor holder de fleste butikker lukkede." which says "Therefore most shops are closed."

You could always take the ferryboat over to Sweden on June 5 and ferry back so as not to be in Sweden on June 6 - or you do it the other way around and celebrate grundlovsdagen in Denmark, ferry over, and celebrate nationaldagen in Sweden the day after, with more flags and parades and stuff, depending on what you like to do. grin

R00tat00tt00t Sat 13-Jan-18 20:55:02

Thanks for that. I'm looking forward to seeing the celebrations but just bit worried about practicalities of finding somewhere to eat with 2 small children if most places closed.

hevonbu Sun 14-Jan-18 02:30:51

I'm sure McDonald's is always open!

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