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I'd like to know where you would go....

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Lentilbaby Sat 13-Jan-18 16:12:28

If you were given $5000 US and were free at anytime this year, to travel anywhere for however long as a couple with a child under 1year, where would you go?

Lentilbaby Sat 13-Jan-18 17:49:32


Personwithhorse Sat 13-Jan-18 17:52:37

Italy - however with flights etc don’t think US$5,000 for 3 will go that far .....

brizzledrizzle Sat 13-Jan-18 17:54:18

The Pacific North-West.

bakingaddict Sat 13-Jan-18 17:56:36

Are you in the US, or UK firstly? Surely if you have a baby under 1 you'd be wanting to minimise flight time. I'd want somewhere that's warm, sunny but not too hot, a good resort with restaurants and entertainment and by a nice beach with clear shallow water for swimming in. If your're in the US, what about the Caribbean or if your UK, stick to Europe

VivienneWestwoodsKnickers Sat 13-Jan-18 17:57:46

Sri Lanka.

ludothedog Sat 13-Jan-18 18:45:50

I would go to Portugal, France or Italy.

Lentilbaby Sat 13-Jan-18 19:05:07

Am in the UK, sorry should have said!
Would have to exchange the dollars if going to a country that did not utilise it as currency. Ideally we would go somewhere that does however open to alternative suggestions. The Caribbean would be lovely but not with such a young baby.

brizzledrizzle Sat 13-Jan-18 19:33:07

Norway, Finland or Iceland.

somewhereovertherain Sun 14-Jan-18 08:25:01

In the Caribbean currently for under your budget and not too warm at this time of year. Family of four 11 nights £2.4k self catering. So about 3.5k dollars and two extra flights paid for.

Other wise we love Sweden 🇸🇪 cooler in Summer or Portugal out of season. Went for 7 Days 5 star b&b last January cost us about 400 quid including hire car for a couple

Fettuccinecarbonara Sun 14-Jan-18 08:43:38


bakingaddict Sun 14-Jan-18 09:42:08

Id exchange your dollars for euros you'd probably get a better rate than dollars to GBP's and I'd go somewhere nice in Europe like Spain or Majorca or even Centre Parcs. Failing that I'd wait till your baby was a few years older and put it towards Disney Florida

Lentilbaby Sun 14-Jan-18 23:59:17

Thanks all for your input. Some great ideas here! Will sit and discuss with DH and come to a decision.....exciting!

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