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We’ve got a month off...where do we go?

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windowboxes Mon 01-Jan-18 10:29:00

Wasn’t sure where to post this but DH and I have both got a month off in August, potentially more or less if needed but ideally a month to coincide with the school hols for DD (age 6)

windowboxes Mon 01-Jan-18 10:35:40

Sorry, stupid iPhone....

Anyway we’ve got DD age 6 and DD2 age 3. Both great travellers as we have done a lot before (plenty of long haul flights done so we know that’s ok)

Our budget is around 10k for a month (to include flights and accommodation and activities) and I had planned to take them to Asia as it’s cheap once we are there but having looked at flights to Bali and Thailand and Vietnam it’s minimum £3000 for us to get there and weather is a bit of an issue in some areas. We don’t want a full on travelling experience but happy to do 3 or 4 places over the month (a week in each) as otherwise it’s just too much hard work with our youngest. Ideally we would prefer to fly under 12-14hrs and not need more internal flights when away.

Anyone done anything like this and care to share where they went? The issue is it’s august so weather in much of the world is monsoon etc and then Europe just seems incredibly expensive!! £8500 for two week trip to Greece in peak season was the latest quote I had!

We are active so cycling / walking (a bit!) would be good or somewhere we can do water sports. We are also hoping that on the last week we could maybe go somewhere with a kids club / hotel for a bit of a relax but realise that will blow about 40% of the budget so perhaps not possible!

amymel2016 Mon 01-Jan-18 10:50:57

I know it's the total opposite of a far away adventure but I'd do a month in Scotland (unless you already live there!) there's more than enough to see and some great luxury hotels (Gleneagles has some brilliant child care). You could rent a tree house for a few days, or a bothy, loads of great walks and good water sports on some of the lochs. Loads of National Trust places and Castles for the kids. For £10k you could really live it up and have a fab time. Just a thought though!

sashh Mon 01-Jan-18 11:44:13

South America?

Different have different temperatures countries so Buenos Ares will be winter, but mild, Ecuador is always hot.

It depends what you want, Mountains, sea and beach, animals, history, hot springs, waterfalls There will be somewhere that has what you want. Not sure what prices are now, Argentina was reasonable when I went and Ecuador dirt cheap.

windowboxes Mon 01-Jan-18 14:53:09

Thank you for these ideas. We are actually going to Scotland at Easter so probably won’t do that again in summer but South America could be an option...we like beaches and mountains, we also like towns and sightseeing but less so with a 3 yr old so happy to do cultural holidays and museums in a couple of years time. We would like cycling but again it’s tricky unless it’s relatively flat as little one would need to be in a trailer still and 6yr old can’t handle the hills. Our eldest is a good cyclist though so we could think about somewhere flat. We’ve went on short cycling trip to France last summer which was a big hit but fancied somewhere else this year!

Indigo911 Mon 01-Jan-18 14:56:40

What about North America for 2 weeks and then South America for 2 weeks? You could do camping etc in California (Yosemite is amazing) to keep costs down. South America is beautiful and i’d recommend Peru & Ecuador

mumofblueeyes Mon 01-Jan-18 15:01:54

We regularly travel for a month in the summer and have two children now aged 4 and 12. We love travelling in Asia but the monsoon is the issue. I've done Borneo and Vietnam in August pre kids and both very rainy. We did go to Thailand last summer and did a 'trio of tropical islands' - Bangkok and then Koh Samui, Koh Pangnan and Koh Tao - this worked well - but if you do go to Thailand look very careful at Climate Charts - much of Thailand will be very rainy and flooded. Choose your locations carefully. We also love India and did try Goa in August but would not recommend. My research shows Indonesia and Sri Lanka avoid the August monsoon. Indonesia looks a little tectonically unstable at the moment but Sri Lanka would be good?

mumofblueeyes Mon 01-Jan-18 15:03:50

Our budget was £4500 for a month so for your budget you could have an amazing time! Enjoy x

windowboxes Mon 01-Jan-18 16:30:08

I like the Thailand idea however have been to that side myself before (in fact exact same time of year pre kids) so I suppose appeals slightly less although at least I would know my way around slightly and I am sure we would be safe / enjoy it.

Sri Lanka is an option, We’ve done India pre kids and I wouldn’t do it again with young children mainly just to the illness we were struck down with...not sure if Sri Lanka would be similar?! North and South America is appealing so I’ll look into that, like the idea of camping in Yosemite!

Indonesia also worries me slightly from a safety point of view and with the Bali volcano etc I’ve been a bit put off but I know weather wise it’s a good option. There’s almost too much choice!!

Indigo911 Mon 01-Jan-18 16:38:55

Yosemite is the most incredible place and you’d get beautiful weather in the summer. I’d highly recommended it.

halfwitpicker Mon 01-Jan-18 16:39:44

I'd do California.

Indigo911 Mon 01-Jan-18 16:40:44

You could fly from an airport in California down to South America easily too

poisonedbypen Mon 01-Jan-18 16:44:43

If you want to camp in Yosemite in August you will need to book it very soon. And it is VERY hot in august (fabulous, but hot for walking).

TwuntingCrow Mon 01-Jan-18 16:46:18

South Africa ! It's a beautiful country - we went earlier this year for three weeks with our four year old - he LOVED it and keeps asking to go back's really cheap to live out there and flights for us we're just 400

DampF0ggy Mon 01-Jan-18 16:49:22

My suggestions
Inter railing Europe - start Netherlands bikes and boats
Camper van Europe
Thailand - Krabi & daytrips from there, then island hopping downwards (check weather)
Jersey good beaches & other islands
Arran beaches and mountains, followed by island hopping to other scottish islands eg Skye, Outer Hebrides
New Zealand, but its expensive

coffeeagogo Mon 01-Jan-18 19:44:18

Too cold for NZ in August, unless you want to do some skiing, I'd advise going in late Jan, early Feb.

How about hiring a campervan and doing a circular route around Europe? Or heading down to Croatia (my dream)

sashh Tue 02-Jan-18 04:29:38

Mountains and flat - that's Mendoza, the city is flat but surrounded by mountains, and vineyards of course.

FiloPasty Tue 02-Jan-18 04:33:45

Italy, drive Eurotunnel stay in the South Tyrol google family hotels some are amazing!
Then go south as far as you like Liguria, Sardinia so much to do

Nomad86 Tue 02-Jan-18 16:49:25


dolfinne Wed 03-Jan-18 09:02:26

id love to drive across Europe i know a few people who have done it, either in motorhome/campervan, one couple alternated between sleeping in car and camping and another stayed in hotels/air bnbs

BarrysnotLyons Wed 03-Jan-18 09:11:53

How about Canada? And maybe a week in Iceland on the way.

windowboxes Wed 03-Jan-18 11:05:24

Canada definitely appeals so will look into that. We’ve done NZ and Oz so that’s not on the list but driving across Europe also appeals but can’t help thinking that may be better in a couple of years when DD2 is a bit older for all the driving!

windowboxes Wed 03-Jan-18 11:12:35

Anyone got any tips on where to go / what to see (given th children’s ages) in Canada?

Just checked flights and it’s direct to Vancouver for £700 from our local airport so that’s not too bad. Was slightly put off that we had to change to go anywhere else Asia wise.

Vancouver has always been on our list but where else should be looked at for a 3/4 week trip? Perhaps should start a seperate thread...

Bellaposey Wed 03-Jan-18 11:16:14

We went to Canada pre-kids and it was amazing. We spent a few days in Toronto - did Niagara falls, CN Tower etc then flew to Vancouver for a few days and got the ferry to Vancouver Island for a few days. There is so much to do in all the above and you could easily spend a month. We also went in August and the weather was perfect, not too hot.

sashh Thu 04-Jan-18 02:54:26

Never been to Canada but I believe there is a train that either crosses the entire country or most of it and goes through fantastic scenery.

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