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QUIET European static caravan site

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brightandsunnyday Tue 05-Dec-17 11:54:18

Hoping someone can recommend somewhere for us to stay! We would like to find a site somewhere hot/warm in Europe to visit with our DC who will then be 9 and 7. On searching Canvas and Eurocamp, even the sites which are listed as "quiet" or "relaxing" still list as facilities kids discos, aqua aerobics, evening entertainment and so sites exist where there's just caravans, a decent pool or two, site shop and restaurant, but with nothing else going on so you can just enjoy a peaceful holiday? I don't think our budget extends to a villa style holiday, and in any case the kids loved meeting others to play with last year so I don't want to be cut off from everyone else completely - I just don't want blaring music and "entertainment" forced on us! We would like static caravans/mobile homes as we don't own our own camping gear, I like having my own loo and bathroom, and more importantly for a summer hol; air con!
I was looking at central and southern France or northern Italy as options.
Thanks for any recommendations!

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dolfinne Wed 06-Dec-17 16:12:45

there probably is some out there but they are not Eurocamp/canvas sites so probably harder to find

Les Ranchisses is a Eurocamp site and it does have entertainment but when we stayed the statics were at the other side of the site up a hill so unlikely you would hear it from there

Domaine de Massereau is another one mentioned on here quite a bit, it doesnt have any entertainment or at least didnt a few years ago and is only a small site, however the Eurocamp is only lodges

we take our tourer and much prefer the quieter smaller sites, especially now DC are at an age they no longer travel with us but they are hard to find and the ones i can think of dont have statics

dolfinne Wed 06-Dec-17 16:22:34

more focused on camping but Huttopia sites seem quite peaceful and do have a variety of sites and accommodation to choose from

annandale Wed 06-Dec-17 16:24:46

La Domaine de la Legue des Pins near Frejus.

brightandsunnyday Wed 06-Dec-17 21:15:17

Thank you guys I will look up the ones you've mentioned! Really appreciate it x

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annandale Wed 06-Dec-17 21:19:23

oops sorry it's la domaine de pin de la legue! Very quiet, 2 pools, at least one restaurant. Try to get a shady site, 'ombreuse'

AJPTaylor Wed 06-Dec-17 21:21:53

Have a look at Landal greenparks in the netherlands. You can get a villa for the same price as a van, easy drive and the joy of most people speaking English but very few actual english. We stay at het vennebos.

Bamboofordinneragain Tue 12-Dec-17 15:46:29

Also check out the Flower Camping website. You have to book direct with the sites, and they don’t all have static vans, but they are all in beautiful areas, and many are very peaceful.

Dowser Fri 15-Dec-17 15:22:17

Le pouldu was a nice site . Part eurocsmp but privately owned by a family
It’s in southern Brittany and was just lovely
We had our own chalet there for three years
Out by quimperle and I know the owner let out his own vans

Dowser Fri 15-Dec-17 15:25:20

Here it is

Oh good one of the reviews for this summer mention Andrew so the family is still there

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