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Doha new airport what is it like?

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CoolCarrie Tue 28-Nov-17 13:03:51

We are flying via the new airport in Doha and wonder what it is like.

SmokeintheR00m Tue 28-Nov-17 14:24:05

Inside it's like Dubai, but smaller. Outside its sandy desert. I have not been to the city. Just another airport

BeetrootTart Tue 28-Nov-17 14:27:16

It's a bit shit. It's new and shiny but there's not a lot there in terms of food or shops and there's barely any seating.

SandLand Tue 28-Nov-17 14:29:11

Hamad International ?? Its an awesome airport.
Gutted we can't go through Doha now, and gave to deal with Dubai airport, which I fecking hate.

noenergy Wed 29-Nov-17 16:16:05

It lovely inside. Very big and never feels too crowded.
A few places to eat which are quite expensive.
There a few play places for the kids which kept them well occupied.
Not many seats about other than at the gate.

habibihabibi Thu 30-Nov-17 19:22:13

Lovely., airy , well designed and not at all busy. The most amazing sculptures which are actually children's playgrounds.
They do tours of Doha if you have a long layover.

soberexpat Thu 30-Nov-17 19:30:47

Dull as dishwater with very little to do. I flew to Doha once a week for years so I experienced old and new. The costa is ok though.

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