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London day out with a two month old

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newmachar Tue 28-Nov-17 10:09:30

We are going to London this weekend with two month old ds. Any recommendations for where to go and what to do? I don't want to struggle with pram on and off the tube if I can help it, so walking and busses are the plan. Staying clear of Oxford Street due to crowds.

I'm breast feeding and finding it quite hard so will need places to stop and feed that aren't too public, too.

Ideas and advice please!

TheVanguardSix Tue 28-Nov-17 10:10:54

Guide us and we can help. London is huge. Where are you arriving to/what station?

newmachar Tue 28-Nov-17 10:28:36


Arriving at Euston about 10 am and leaving again at 6 pm.

We lived in London for 6 years, but not sure what the best plan would be for the day with a little one. I'd like to go to Liberties, walk somewhere nice for lunch, and then get the bus somewhere in the afternoon to explore and have dinner.

Bubbinsmakesthree Tue 28-Nov-17 10:31:54

At that age I'd forget the pram and take baby in a sling, gives you much more freedom!

bellweather Tue 28-Nov-17 10:34:02

Definitely get a sling, I love it for traveling around London. People on public transport are not very sympathetic with prams in my experience

bellweather Tue 28-Nov-17 10:35:40

Oh also regarding breastfeeding, my experience is that London is very breastfeeding friendly, I have personally never had a problem breastfeeding in public anywhere in London or maybe I have a thick skin

newmachar Tue 28-Nov-17 10:52:34

Can I use a sling for that amount of time? I've got an Ergo Baby sling and I've used it a few times but not for very long- maybe I should just take that then.
Yes, I have a bit too much milk so feeding not always straightforward so prefer to be somewhere private in case we get in a bit of a mess. I was planning on nipping into some hotels when he is hungry to use their fancy bathrooms!

TakeMe2Insanity Sun 03-Dec-17 03:52:53

Definitely take the sling.

Good baby rooms are in John Lewis, Selfridges, Peter Jones think big department stores.

Callamia Sun 03-Dec-17 04:31:09

I only use a sling because the baby screams everyone I use a pram.

It’s fine to use a sling for the day like that. You will, probably, take the baby out while you have lunch (get a booth and they can have a nice lie down next to you). The sling will also let them sleep whenever they like.

This week, I went to Liberty’s (the restaurant is good for morning coffee, and feeding the baby) and then round the corner to Rosa’s for lunch. Oxford St wasn’t too bad during the morning. So good place to start, then I think I’d take a bus to Trafalgar Sq to go round the galleries, or walk across to the British Museum (although likely crowded, but not really a prob if you have the sling).

I hear what you’re saying about wanting somewhere very private to feed. Dept stores generally have feeding/changing rooms, but also most people won’t bat an eye at someone feeding (and won’t even notice if you’re having a bit of a struggle - I’ve been there).

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