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Best stroller for use abroad?

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CVRaven Thu 09-Nov-17 01:02:41

Hi guys, I'm going on holiday July 2018, taking my daughter who will be 11 months old then. Need a decent stroller and don't want to spend a fortune. My limit is around the £100 mark. Have currently ordered a Mybabiie MB02, but then have seen a Mamas & Papas bundle in Argos which has some nice extras (footmuff, changing bag, sun shade).. can anyone shed any light on experiences with either of these two, or advise of another stroller which you think may be better suited to me? Its gunna be really hot so sun protection is so important for me. Thanks!

jojomom Thu 09-Nov-17 01:08:35

My advice is to get a second hand cheap stroller! It’s gonna get bashed at the airport, covered in lotion, sand, ice cream etc at you destination. Get two parasols with bendy arms for sun protection and a thin small sheet to hang from them for fuller coverage. It’s gonna be hot so you’ll want good ventilation.

TrendAlert Thu 09-Nov-17 01:36:22

Second hand Maclaren Quest. Practically indestructible.

AnnaBay Thu 09-Nov-17 01:43:54

I bought a used MacLaren Quest from ebay. It spent a good few years being flown around the world and chucked into boots of taxis. It was awesome. Never gave up on us. I loved that you could wash virtually all the fabric parts of it too.
I passed it on to a friend when she had her baby and it's still going strong.

Peaceonearthplease Thu 09-Nov-17 02:35:26

Get a travel bag for your current stroller or buy a second hand one. I travelled a lot when DC was young and got a light weight stroller for one trip. Hated the bloody thing. It would tip backwards with even a light bag on the handle bars & flimsy wheels couldn’t deal with curb stones. Plus I was not familiar with the mechanism and wrestled with it constantly. Aahhhh. Ditched it and went back to using expensive familar stroller which eventually got wrecked by baggage handlers.

EssentialHummus Thu 09-Nov-17 02:38:50

Not personal experience but those Hauck cheapies that crop up at Aldi/Asda / Lidl are seen as the answer among friends.

somewhereovertherain Thu 09-Nov-17 02:40:36

We bought one from a charity shop in the resort then donated it back at the end cost us €5

Then bought one for £2 in a local charity shop and took it everywhere for holidays was a good one

SandLand Thu 09-Nov-17 03:23:33

Cheap. So cheap you don't care when it is lost or damaged.

And take a sling.

ineedwine99 Thu 09-Nov-17 17:01:17

Stroller i have is a Besrey (Amazon, £59.99) lovely little thing, folds well, lightweight, good basket, it's been to the US and Cyprus with us, survived both flights and holidays, even taking it over gravel and sand which your not recommended to do! Jet2 may have killed the footrest though by jamming it up, now wont stay in the flat position, so is a little flimsy i guess. It's my shopping/bus/townie pushchair.
I do recommend a snoozeshade, been great at helping my baby nap and also keeping the sun off her, we have the delux plus version where there is 'viewing window' keeps the sun's rays off her but she can still see out of. It's stays on right up to boarding then is shoved in my bag, it's come in handy to provide a bit of shade on the flights too helping her sleep

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