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carogee Fri 28-Jun-02 19:03:55

Message withdrawn

Coxy Fri 28-Jun-02 20:11:37

Hi Carogee, having just come back from a fab five days with a 5, 3, 32 and myself year old, I don't think she will need encouragement! There are certain height restrictions on some of the 'big' rides but perhaps by going on the smaller rides first might help her. The biggest ride we went on was Big Thunder Mountain which we enjoyed but half-way round the 5 year old said he wanted to get off - bit tricky. I think it's just a question of having a good wander round, picking up one of the leaflets and talking about what she wants to go on and what she doesn't.

They do have the facility whereby you can queue up and then leave the kids if they aren't old enough/too small so that you don't miss out.

I have to say though that you'll have a great time and all her fears will probably vanish with the magic of it all.

Top tip - get into the Park for 0900 - you can walk onto the rides without having to queue which meant that on one day we had been on four rides by 1030. Very handy as sometimes the queues did get a little tedious.

Also if your daughter is not too keen on fizzy pop then take some dilutable cordial -they don't do it over there and ours would have been seriously dehydrated if we hadn't taken a bottle with us.

Above all, have a great time but keep your eyes peeled for all the characters. Once their minders say it's time to go, they go!

THERESA Sat 13-Jul-02 11:59:27

We've just come back from 4 days at Eurodisney with our daughter (nearly 4) and we had the most fantastic time. I had seen some negative comments about the park elsewhere on this site but I found it very difficult to fault. Yes unfortunately meeting the characters in the park was a bit of a 'scrum' and queues would have been nicer, but apart from that it was fantastic. If anyone needs to ask anything I'd be happy to help out.

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