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Child modelling-again!!

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kjmummy Sat 14-Apr-07 07:05:10

Hi All

I know that this has been asked heaps of times but after a bit of advice please. My 9 month old has been accepted by Elisabeth Smith and Bizzykidz and in two minds as which one to go with.I know ES are more expensive but i had heard they were quite particular in who they accept so my gut feeling was to go with them ...any advice appreciated ...thanks

MrsBadger Sat 14-Apr-07 16:55:00

(no idea, but you might do better posting somewhere other than 'travel'...)

chacha3 Sat 14-Apr-07 17:05:09

not sure child modelling???

Mummykisses Thu 26-Mar-09 11:03:35

My Daughter is with Bizzykidz, I have had alot of work opportunities from them and have found their staff to be very helpful. Not all the work offered I could do, as I work part time but they did not make me feel pressured to do it nor did I feel bad about declining the work, My daughter did a fatastic shoot with Tomy and got paid very well for it.
I did my research though and checked out mums forums and asked around, there were some bad comments but alot of good ones too! Always do your research, every parent experiences different things. I have found them to be the only one who doesn't charge a yearly fee, this is great, if your child does not get work for a few months then your not continuing to pay and it was £120 till my daughter is 17 years old. They do have a studio and it is in their head office which means when I went there I got to meet the whole team. Young but professional. Very helpful too when my daughter was playing up in the studio.
As I said ALWAYS do your research, if your not sure, CALL THEM, they are really helpful and not pushy.
Check out
It states on tier website they are DTI approved, EM accredited and registered with Companies house. Check them out too.
I hope this helps?

TheJester Thu 26-Mar-09 11:06:19

Don't do it.

This isn't sourgrapes btw. My son is so gorgeous, so outstandingly gorgeous that I can't bring him anywhere without several people commenting on his long eyelashes, cute face, curly gold hair, but no way ON EARTH would I put him or myself through child modelling. (and I could do with some money)

Katyushka Wed 16-Sep-09 22:48:01

Does any body know which agency is better BK or Bo&Be? Please help hmmm

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