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Travelling with GPs - do they help out?

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Phryne Sun 29-Oct-17 08:40:22

Just back from a long haul trip (Australia from UK) with my mum and my 2yo. Mum lives a long way from us, so doesn't see DD regularly - she's definitely grandparenting, not childminding or parenting when they're together. Feeling pretty cross about the last bit of the trip, and wondering AIBU to have expected more help?

We had 3 flights, approx 8h each to come home - basically: flight, 2 days in Asian city, flight, 2h layover, flight. Mum got on and shut her eyes on each one, only opening them for food. She's a good flyer, travels a lot, not scared or anything. She said she was feeling ill the first one (OK, that's fair enough, although I've got morning sickness and DD threw up on me on that one so...) but said she was fine before we got on the second & third. If she'd been reading or watching a film I could have asked for help if I needed it but to me shut eyes = sleeping and that's precious on a plane surely? Third flight was a night flight, so it seemed even ruder to demand help, although I had to in the end (last 1-2h) as I'd been up for 24h thanks to an early riser + time change and was losing the plot!

Mum does drive me a bit crazy when we travel together as she seems to exist on cups of tea (I need solid food!) and won't say what she wants to do when I ask but then suddenly vanishes to do the things she wouldn't mention (not niche things or things that wouldn't work with the toddler/rest of the group).

With the 2yo being poorly and other things I didn't have a great trip after DP went home (he flew out with us, not mum) so not sure if I am expecting too much or what to do next time? Won't be going long haul together for a few years, but short haul is likely.

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HardHatForTesco Sun 29-Oct-17 19:59:57

All I can say is that my mum would have been much more helpful and would have made sure that I had been able to have a few hours rest myself.

ggirl Sun 29-Oct-17 20:06:25

we learnt the hard way not to rely on my parents to mind my son when he was 2 , we were in airport and dh and I asked my parents who were sitting to watch ds while we went to buy duty free, ds was playing right in front of them, they said ok
cue 10 minutes later they turn up in the shop..I ask where ds is and they say..oh we thought you had him shock

thankfully we found him after a quick search ..he was crying and a lady was comforting him...
learnt my lesson then

Phryne Tue 31-Oct-17 10:55:51

Omg ggirl that is terrible. I would struggle to forgive that!

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