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British airways- seating with kids

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Clawdeen Sun 29-Oct-17 02:22:57

Would really appreciate your advice.

Just checked in for our overnight flight home tomorrow from the US. I'm travelling alone with my DC aged 7 and 9. I've read that you should pay to guarantee seats but when I checked in for our outbound flight, I noticed that we'd been assigned seats for our flight home and were seated together so thought no more of it.

Doing the online check in now, we've been split up- several rows apart. Although there is the option to change seats online, all the remaining seats are dotted about too.

Is it true that BA policy is to seat under 12s with an adult? If I turn up super early at the airport tomorrow, do you think they will assign us seats together or do I have to lump it? My 7 year old is in tears and won't sleep on the plane unless on me and my 9 year old is very anxious in general. I'm kicking myself for not paying extra but I was (wrongly) reassured by BA initially assigning us seats together.

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dertyyuoih2 Sun 29-Oct-17 02:32:46

If you don’t choose your seats in advance, we’ll do our best to seat your family together a few days before your flight departs, from the limited selection of seats available. This might result in your family being split over different rows or across the aisle, however we will make sure each child under 12 is seated with an adult from your booking. Anyone over 12 years is treated as an adult in our system, so we may seat them separately.

Find out about reserving your seats

Copied from their website!

dertyyuoih2 Sun 29-Oct-17 02:33:41

I’d turn up super early and quote their website!!

dertyyuoih2 Sun 29-Oct-17 02:34:51

Clawdeen Sun 29-Oct-17 03:11:14

Thank you! As you say, I think we will arrive there super early. Thanks for cutting and pasting- will read that out to them if necessary.

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dertyyuoih2 Sun 29-Oct-17 12:19:29

Hope you had luck OP!

Clawdeen Sun 29-Oct-17 21:01:10

Just checked in and the BA check in lady sorted it in minutes. Very relieved. Many thanks

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