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2yo sick after a flight

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longestlurkerever Fri 27-Oct-17 23:08:05

We went away Sunday- Thurs by plane. Dd2 (2) was sick three times in the night after we flew but was fine by the morning. I assumed a bug but was surprised none of us caught it, especially dd1 who was sharing a bed with her. Then last night after we flew back the same thing happened so now I'm thinking it was a reaction to the flight. Does anyone else's DC get sick a few hours after they fly? Does anything help? It makes me nervous to fully again but she seemed fine on the plane.

2014newme Sat 28-Oct-17 11:02:05

Mine does we give her travel sickness tablets now 2 hours before we fly

longestlurkerever Sat 28-Oct-17 11:13:17

Thanks. Does yours get sick hours after the flight rather than during it too? That's what surprised me, but I wondered if it was something to do with the pressure in her ears

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