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First family holiday abroad

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Fourneedles Mon 23-Oct-17 08:19:56

I need some help planning next year's holiday. I've never done a Med beach resort type holiday so don't really know where to start. We usually do self catering cottages in Devon/Dorset but been unlucky with the weather last couple of years and kids very disappointed at the lack of beach time. I'd love some guaranteed sunshine! Kids are 6 yo twins and a 1 yo. The twins are confident enough with their swimming now that I think they'd enjoy just messing about in the pool/sea and the baby loves the water too. I think they'd love being around other kids too. Also, we may be taking the grandparents. Any recommendations for where to go? May half term or summer hols? Hotel or villa? Ta!

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crumpetsandcoffee Mon 23-Oct-17 08:34:06

Talking from experience I definitely wouldn’t do a villa with kids. You’re constantly entertaining them so would recommend an apart hotel. Choice to go self catering then or all inclusive. We used to take the kids to a static caravan in Spain when they were young. If you have a look online there’s plenty of places, although would recommend le etartit in Spain. Also choice between self catering or all inclusive? Wouldn’t say there’s much difference in price tbh but given the kids ages they probably won’t eat much and you won’t want them drinking fizzy juice all the time, also self catering, you have the choice to eat somewhere different every day if you want. We just usually get in stuff for breakfast and lunch then eat out at night

bananafanana1 Mon 23-Oct-17 08:51:18

Neilson beach holidays are great, they have kids clubs and loads of activities for kids and grownups

jellyandsoup Mon 23-Oct-17 09:11:39

We went to jutlandia in Santa ponsa in majorca, was amazing! Perfect for the ages of your children. Anywhere with the splash pools are good tho, as they can splash about and you can watch without constantly having to be in the water with them

2014newme Mon 23-Oct-17 09:29:57

Neilsons are brilliant agree with ppl but they cost a bomb you can go long haul lux for the same price or less, unless you go outside school hols.
Somewhere with a kids club, this is an essential fir my kids they love it as they like making friends and doing act as well as pool and beach.

yikesanotherbooboo Mon 23-Oct-17 09:47:13

We have done villa holidays and like the relaxation.i wouldn’t have picked anywhere with a pool while the children were small. We once stayed at a large villa complex with nice pools which was convenient but we weren’t cheek by jowl with other families. We once stayed in a gite complex but found that we lacked privacy. On other occasions we stayed in small villas and used municipal pools ( very widespread in France). Once the children were safe we have tended to have villa with pool and do trips. It works for us ... we work hard and like the opportunity to spend time with the family.
We have also stayed in small family run hotels with demi pension terms. Meal times are potentiallly harder work but there is a lot of free time in the day if meals don’t need planning.we have only done this for a week or so at a time as again one can feel rather on top of people ( a reason we have never done eurocamp).

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