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South Africa - birth certificates for travel

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Workingmummyto1 Mon 09-Oct-17 12:10:15


Am sure this has been asked before but looking for some clarification! We are travelling to Cape Town his week. I have a certified copy of my son's birth certificate (that lists his details, plus details of me and my husband). Is this going to be ok for entry?


dementedpixie Mon 09-Oct-17 12:11:43

Do you mean you are travelling together or you are there with the child and not your husband

PestoSwimissimos Mon 09-Oct-17 12:13:48

here you go

Workingmummyto1 Mon 09-Oct-17 13:59:28

My husband and I are travelling together. I know we need a long form birth certificate, and have a certified copy of it. My question is really whether or not it matters that the certification was done in 2010 (when he was born) and not more recently.

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