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Packing list for European City break in October

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Justmuddlingalong Thu 05-Oct-17 21:09:49

Does anyone have a packing list they can give me/recommend for an autumn city break. We're off to Slovakia for 5 days this weekend. Weather expected to be sunny, showery and warmish. 😕 Hand luggage only. TIA

Nomad86 Sun 08-Oct-17 15:51:52

We only ever take hand luggage, I pack one top and underwear set per day, one pair of trousers, liquids have to less than 100ml each so a small clear bag of toiletries, camera, pack of cards, one jumper and light raincoat. Be ready at security as you'll need to take out all electricals, liquids out, plus take off coat, belt and sometimes shoes. The less time you spend digging through your bag, the quicker you'll get through and the less chance you'll be stopped. For five days, one hand luggage each should be fine. Then again, we never take anything particularly dressy, wear the same pair of trainers all week etc. I also take a phone charger and adaptor plug. Oh and tea bags, I love experiencing other cultures but I can't survive on Lipton! Have fun on your trip.

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